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Code Self Study

A simple Firefox extension for the members of Clicking the icon takes you to our portal page. More features coming soon!

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Added February 4, 2016

imagePaste No Restart

it's for you , a slide creator . easy copy image and mark original url .
just right-click and choose what's url text color you want to marked at image :)

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Added February 4, 2016

Build Link Plain No Restart

Build a plain link from the selected text or the current page's title.

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Added February 3, 2016

Build Link Markdown No Restart

Build a markdown link from the selected text or the current page's title.

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Added February 2, 2016

CloudKibo Screen Sharing Addon No Restart

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for CloudKibo and KiboSupport pages.

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Added January 31, 2016

LionEXT by D.M. No Restart

Adds additional features in google pages to make easier the daily work of the SEO Consultant.

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Added January 25, 2016

Optimizely Toggle No Restart

This extension disables Optimizely for the tab you are browsing, via a switch.

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Added January 20, 2016

zBReviewBoard No Restart

Enables screenshots for zipBoard

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Added January 14, 2016

noturno No Restart

Easily turn proxy on/off

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Added January 8, 2016

TrackDuck tool for visual feedback No Restart

Visual feedback tool for website developers and designers

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Added January 4, 2016

Tabshot No Restart


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Added December 19, 2015

Pazzo Live Extension No Restart

Pour savoir quand Pazzo est en Live !

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Added December 4, 2015

open with referer No Restart

使用来路(request header中的referer)打开网页

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Added November 17, 2015

Seiten-Warnung No Restart

Add-on, Entwicklungsumgebungs Hinweis

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Added November 8, 2015

File URI Scheme GET from Page Script No Restart

Provide an API to GET file:// URI scheme files from a page script, as allowed by regular expressions in Preferences.

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Added October 24, 2015

はてブロimageTitle No Restart




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Added October 19, 2015

PerfectPixel No Restart

Allows developers to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the top of the developed HTML and perform per pixel comparison between them. Works with both Dev Tools and Firebug

Firefox version of PerfectPixel for Chrome with 100 000+ active users

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Added October 12, 2015

SalesforceOverlay No Restart

Optimize Salesforce to be more intuitive.

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Added October 8, 2015

Page Performance Test No Restart

Get accurate performance timing for any page with this extension

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Added October 1, 2015

Custom UserAgent String No Restart

Add a custom useragent string for desired URLs or domains.

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Added September 28, 2015