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MXR to DXR No Restart

Change MXR to DXR.

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Added June 28, 2015

GTM Test Drive No Restart

Inject your Google Tag Manager container snippet before implementing it on your website.

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Added June 22, 2015

rogumemove No Restart


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Added June 21, 2015

rogumecopy No Restart


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Added June 18, 2015

withExEditor No Restart

View or Edit texts with external editor

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Added May 29, 2015

rogumetool No Restart


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Added May 23, 2015

Hajduk Home No Restart

S ovim produzetkom postavljate za vasu pocetnu stranicu i novu karticu.

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Added May 22, 2015

webscanner No Restart

Web Vulnerability Scanner allows web developer and code debugger to scan for the SQLi and XSS vulnerabilities with a dynamic attack injection. The tool also contains the HTTP viewer, Base64, URL encoding and decoding.

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Added May 22, 2015

Input Colourer No Restart

An addon which colours the background of inputs based on their contents.

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Added May 12, 2015

Wide Github No Restart

Use Github on fullscreen for a better code review.

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Added May 12, 2015

Hex Viewer No Restart

View any file, like WinHex

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Added May 10, 2015

Wordpress Developers Shortcuts No Restart

a simple addon showing useful shortcuts for developers

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Added May 5, 2015

Default Responsive Design View No Restart

This add-on starts your browser in responsive design view by default.

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Added May 5, 2015

Firefox-on-OS-X Label No Restart

Add a text label* to your Firefox icons in OS X

*To set or edit your label, go to the Add-on's preferences (press Shift-Command-a)

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Added April 28, 2015

Add2WeeklyJS No Restart

Quickly add a link to BrazilJS weekly suggestions.

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Added April 27, 2015

WTFi Scan No Restart

An add-on that provides wireless network scanning functionality for the WTFi Project scan page (currently offline)

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Added April 26, 2015