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Quick File Launcher

Launch Programs & External Files directly from your Browser using the new Quick File Launcher Extension. You can add any File Extension (.EXE, .TXT, .JPG, .PDF) and even use Parameters to Edit a File or an Image using your Favorite Editor, and more..

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Added Feb. 16, 2016


Shows is a site is currently hosted on the Primal Tribe servers

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Added Dec. 17, 2015

AutoProxy-ng Requires Restart

This is a fork of AutoProxy, which can run the latest version of Firefox.

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Added Dec. 17, 2015

Gaia: BBCode Generator

Generates BBCode for gaia inventory and wishlist.

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Added April 20, 2015

Sylestia: Hatchlings As Adults

Adds a button to the hatchery pages on When clicked, this button will change hatchling images into adults!

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Added April 18, 2015


Liepos projekto Linuks sistemos Firefokso įskiepis

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Added Feb. 19, 2015

adresult AG

performance media agency

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Added Jan. 4, 2015

TatkalNow for IRCTC

Book irctc tatkal tickets instantly and effortlessly, and beat the rush
Spending countless frustrating hours booking tickets on irctc?. We automate it the process to save you all the effort. It works beautifully. How simple is it? See for yourself!

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Added Nov. 13, 2014


Cecil Fixer for Firefox

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Added Nov. 10, 2014

Toolbar COSEI

Toolbar COSEI para Firefox

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Added Oct. 6, 2014

Wiki on Speed

Improve your research speed and effort on Wikipedia. Hover the mouse over any inter-wiki link in Wikipedia and see an excerpt on a overlay hovering box. No need to open in a new tab!

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Added Oct. 2, 2014

FIIT Carrots Gaze Addon

Addon suppoorting research in user experience experiments with dynamic web application (used with eye tracker device)

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Added Sept. 30, 2014

Hate-URL Toolbar for Firefox

Firefox-Toolbar for the Hate-URL Like/Dislike System

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Added Sept. 1, 2014

union v1

Addon adds options to the context main of a page.
The options are under the heading Union.
Option 1: add subscribers to a mailing list managed by Control Panel v2
Option 2: add email accounts to a the mail manager for Control Panel v2

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Added Aug. 31, 2014

Custom Badge

Overlays a custom string on the Firefox icon

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Added Aug. 21, 2014

Bagf Chemistry

Developed by Bagf.

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Added Aug. 18, 2014

One-click IBAN Generator

Generates an IBAN from Dutch bank accounts

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Added Aug. 1, 2014

Missing Link Context Menus

Shows context menus to be able to easily send URLs and selected text to devices via Missing Link. See

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Added July 25, 2014

Admin Helper

An addon to display admin hours on Nerdery internal timesheets.

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Added July 24, 2014


HivePoint extension provides your hive's feed within your GMail and Outlook365 web client. Sign up for a hive at

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Added July 18, 2014