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first esacpe games

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Added July 7, 2015

Tab Bucket

Tab Bucket saves the currently opened tabs to quickly restore them when desired.

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Added May 11, 2015

Se connecter plus rapidement

Connectez-vous plus rapidement aux principaux sites Internet en France avec cette extension Firefox.
En un seul clic, vous pouvez vous connecter aux 25 sites les plus populaires en France : Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Leboncoin, Amazon, etc.

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Added Feb. 25, 2015

Tab Store

An extension that stores tabs temporarily and within window groups

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Added Jan. 28, 2015

Numéros des SAV pour les opérateurs mobile

Cette extension est destinée aux professionnels afin d'obtenir en un seul clic les numéros des services client des principaux opérateurs de téléphonie mobile en France.

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Added Dec. 11, 2014


This will connect to for free Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Programming, college homework help.

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Added Dec. 8, 2014




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Added Nov. 24, 2014


Moves bookmarks which are added to the unsorted-bookmarks folder to the end of the bookmarks-menu list

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Added Sept. 30, 2014

Messageries Multiples

Cette extension vous permet de changer rapidement de messageries via une icône.
Compatible avec les principales messageries en France.
Une extension pour Mozilla Firefox très simple et très rapide à installer pour tous.

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Added Sept. 12, 2014

stratego remain visible

Mark the screen by writing letters or numbers at your cursor position. Tested and working on

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Added Sept. 3, 2014

Add to Omnifocus

Add to Omnifocus is an unofficial add-on to add the current page to Omnifocus as a new task.

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Added Aug. 20, 2014

Stache (Visual Bookmarking)

A smarter way to bookmark web pages

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Added July 22, 2014


The Xeck it! Firefox Add-on installs the Xecker button in your Firefox browser

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Added July 22, 2014

ZaSe newtab

new tab

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Added July 15, 2014

Add to Dealsplus

Shop, save, and share all the best offers online!

DealsPlus helps you discover, save, and share the best coupons and deals for all your favorite stores.

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Added July 7, 2014


Vocabmonk is a gamified and personalized vocabulary enhancement app, with a social touch to foster competitive learning driven by powerful and researched artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Added July 7, 2014

Shiori Helper

Provides functionality to work with Shiori app

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Added June 29, 2014


A Visual Iconic Directory of major United Kingdom Websites & Newspapers. Frequently Used websites are organized in one quick start page for British Internet users. The most convenient way to use the web.

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Added June 3, 2014


EpisodeSave ist eine Browser Extension für Chrome, Firefox & Opera, welche für Sie die letzt angesehene Folge von einer Serie auf Streaming-Diensten speichert.

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Added May 2, 2014


e-cashback add-on

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Added May 2, 2014