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Source Templates Generator No Restart

Send the current URL to the source templates generator, to parse web page metadata and content and generate source templates to be used as references for Wikipedia articles.

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Added September 2, 2013

Session Keep Alive No Restart

Keeps a web session alive by regularly accessing a page in the background.

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565 users
Added August 31, 2013

Agora Tag Links Remove No Restart

Removes annoying tag links from Agora Corp sites.

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218 users
Added August 29, 2013

just speak this No Restart

this is a simple add-on that uses espeak speech engine to convert text to audio file and then play or save it as per user's need.

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Added August 19, 2013

SNS Block No Restart


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Added August 16, 2013

e-biblioteka No Restart

Liepājas Universitātes e-bibliotēkas paplašinājums.

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Added August 14, 2013

Pay2n browser extension No Restart

Pay your invoices with a single click, independently of what Internet bank you use

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Added August 11, 2013

Restore Blink Tag No Restart

Restores the functionality of the Blink Tag

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Added August 9, 2013

HBI - HaterBoardimproved No Restart

So macht das Hater Board mehr Spass!

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Added August 8, 2013

Cmonitor No Restart

Check your RBSChange website tasks. Are they still running OK or locked ? This extension will tell you.

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Added August 7, 2013

InboxClock No Restart

InboxClock's Gmail/Google Apps mail plugin automatically tracks and reports time spent on email.

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Added August 4, 2013

Crimson Twins No Restart

Post to a Crimson Twins Instance

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Added July 28, 2013

OpenFarm - FarmeraMania No Restart

OpenFarm ist ein Plugin um Daten eines bekannten Browsergames auf einer Webseite zu visualisieren. Weitere Infos stehen unter zur Verfügung.

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Added July 26, 2013

Terra_leap No Restart

Extension pour ajouter une gestion des mouvements envoyés par le LeapMotion

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Added July 25, 2013

Eco di Rovetta Fast-link No Restart

You have seen Eco di Rovetta from Italy? If you even see it and you want to enter it from any page, download this!

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Added July 21, 2013

Yaka : Mag No Restart


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Added July 18, 2013

YakaRetour No Restart

SYMFONY : Retour

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Added July 17, 2013

You Should Probably No Restart

You should probably stop wasting your life and go do something useful.

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Added July 17, 2013

Saya Bukan Deejay Launcher No Restart

Launcher For Saya Bukan Deejay Official Group On Facebook

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Added July 7, 2013

ShareTube No Restart

Adds a download button beneath videos on YouTube pages.

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Added July 4, 2013