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Replaces all images on all pages to Vampeta

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Added July 13, 2015


Improves browsing, using and functionality of website. It is a part of LNC Web Browser Extensions Czech Edition bundle.

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Added July 13, 2015

Vtiger for Gmail

Vtiger for Gmail TM
View and update your customer data from within Gmail. Vtiger CRM plugin for Gmail shows you the complete history of notes,opportunities,tickets, and allows you to add new notes, create follow-up events, & more.

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Added July 9, 2015


Add Facts to your TFB Instance easily

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Added July 3, 2015

Custom Sync and FXA

Add-on to customize server addresses for Server Sync v1.5 and Firefox Accounts. You only need put the domain or IP and port(if needed) in the input for each service, the Add-on complete the task and and adds the rest of URL in each preferences.

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Added June 29, 2015

Prisma Media

Désactive automatiquement les adblockers sur les sites de Prisma Media

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Added June 28, 2015

Screensharing Extension for TeamFON Web Meeting

This extension enables screensharing for TeamFON Web Meeting

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Added June 23, 2015


Forwards sites to other sites

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Added June 18, 2015

Depict Frame Finder

Provide an interface for communication between the Depict website and the Depict Frame

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Added June 15, 2015


Firefox add-on helping the "Caisse d'epargne" personal accounting

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Added June 14, 2015

Url to QrCode

an add-on for convert URLs to Qr Code.

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Added June 14, 2015

YouTube Advertisement Blocker

This is a YouTube Advertisemenet Blocker for FireFox. Only works with HTML version of YouTube videos

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Added June 13, 2015

SW patch

Patch for

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Added June 13, 2015

PCM Tools فارسی

مجموعه ای از پر استفاده ترین ابزار ها برای تریدر های حرفه ای

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Added June 9, 2015 Recommender

This extension recommender objects for users of

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Added June 8, 2015

Debrid-Link Plugin

Downloader & Seedbox. Premium link generator and torrent downloading.

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Added June 8, 2015


select numbers and goto websites

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Added June 5, 2015


Calcule la letra del DNI o NIE español

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Added June 1, 2015

Youtube Watchmarker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automatically mark videos on Youtube that you have already watched.

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Added May 30, 2015

OpenVoice for Google Calendar

Easily schedule OpenVoice Audio Conferences from your Google Calendar.

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Added May 27, 2015