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Calcul gématrique sur sélection et entrées libres dans une page web Latin, Grec, Hébreu, Arabe / Simple Gematric calculation on selection and free entries in web page Latine, Greek, Hebrew, Arab

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Added March 30, 2016

Open in Google™ Translate

Open Selection in Google Translate.

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Added March 28, 2016

Light Dict

Look up a selected word in a online English-Japanese dictionary and show it on a pop-up window.

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Added March 25, 2016


Traduction avec Google d'une page web.
Pour traduire la page, faire un clic droit pour afficher le menu contextuel, puis cliquez sur "Traduction".

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Added March 10, 2016

form zenkaku


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Added March 8, 2016


An add-on for Indian Language Transliteration.

This addon helps you to get past script barriers between Indic languages by allowing you to read indian languages in any indian script of your choice.

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Added March 8, 2016


Add-on to query

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Added March 3, 2016

SLA Dictionary

Select any text on browser, right click and select SLA Meaning: Option from popup menu to translate into sindhi.

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Added February 27, 2016


IME の状態を色でお知らせします。

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Added February 13, 2016


Extension Firefox pour activer le glossaire français ( sur le serveur des traductions de Drupal (

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Added February 11, 2016


Add subtitles and closed captions to online videos on Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Allmyvideos, Exashare, and many others online video players.

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Added February 10, 2016



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Added February 9, 2016

One-Click Translate Page

A basic Mozilla Firefox Add-On. Press the Translate button and the current page will open in Google Translate in your chosen language.

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Added February 4, 2016

Zorro de Traductor

A Firefox addon that translate text selections from or to Spanish

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Added February 1, 2016

趣查 GoDictionary


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Added February 1, 2016

SYSTRAN - Translator and Dictionary

SYSTRAN Extension can translate any webpage in one click.

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Added January 22, 2016

Open in Jisho & Wanikani

Adds context menu items to open selected text in and's kanji and vocabulary page.

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Added January 6, 2016


One Solution to Correct Them All ™

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Added December 21, 2015


Transliterate Cyrillic Lacinka/Byelorussian texts to Latin script (with Byelorussian orthography)

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Added December 20, 2015

Powerful Spell and Style Checker by Lingofy

Proof your content like the pros - against the AP Stylebook or your own custom-made dictionary! Put an end to embarrassing mistakes.

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Added December 20, 2015