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Block PR sites No Restart

Бойкот сайтів Партії Регіонів.

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Added February 18, 2014

MLS Stumbler No Restart

Stumbler for Mozilla Location Service (

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Added February 16, 2014

Tasks No Restart

A Task organizer ( Experimental ). A lot of new features to be added.

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86 users
Added February 8, 2014

Grooveshark Broadcast Bot No Restart

Create or takeover a broadcast with this bot, then enjoy what the bot can offer!

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53 users
Added February 1, 2014

Stop Redirect Gmail Splash Page No Restart

Stop Redirect form Gmail top page to splash page.

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40 users
Added January 31, 2014

TeXZilla No Restart

Add-on giving access to TeXZilla, a Unicode TeX-to-MathML converter.

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335 users
Added January 25, 2014

MathML Copy No Restart

Add context menu items to copy MathML and TeX formulas into the clipboard.

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268 users
Added January 25, 2014

WebGL-Inspector No Restart

An advanced WebGL debugging toolkit.

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Added January 24, 2014

tableScrapper No Restart

This addon allows user to extract data on webpage structured in a tabular form and save it on to their system.As of now the addon is able to extract data only from a html table element.

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361 users
Added January 24, 2014

CallBroker CTIGateway No Restart

Envie llamadas a su terminal telefónico, desde su navegador.
Este plugin funciona conjuntamente con CallBroker CTIGateway. Para más información consulte nuestra web.

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Added January 23, 2014

MathJax Native MathML No Restart

Force MathJax to select the Native MathML output mode and other options to rely further on native browser features.

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547 users
Added January 22, 2014

Call a Number via Fritz!Box No Restart

Markieren Sie eine Telefonnummer auf einer Webseite oder in einer Email und Rufen diese über das Contextmenü direkt über die Fritz!Box an. Benötigt eine Fritz Box mit Firmware 5.5+ und aktivierte Wählhilfe.

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541 users
Added January 16, 2014

Fooder No Restart

Twoje przepisy w jednym miejscu!
Fooder: łatwe i wygodne używanie przepisów pochodzących z dowolnych serwisów i blogów

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Added January 8, 2014

AutoLoad No Restart

This simple addon is simply made to load a set of site links. You can add multi site links and set the loading interval. By default, the loading interval is set to one second.

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Added January 5, 2014

Like Viewer No Restart

Véget vetünk a Like vadász oldalak képeket elrejtő hülyeségének! Lásd azt a képet, amiért az oldalra érkeztél!

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Added January 2, 2014

ニコ生入場アシスト(β) No Restart


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Added January 2, 2014

foxy-calc No Restart

Extensive maths calculator

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Added December 24, 2013

Redirect Python Docs No Restart

Redirects Python docs to a preset version. Following versions are available to preset:
2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4

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Added December 22, 2013

untermStrich Browser Extension No Restart

Diese Erweiterung erlaubt Ihnen den untermStrich Connector in Kombination mit dem Browser Mozilla Firefox zu nutzen.

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Added December 16, 2013

Przekierowywanie HAN No Restart

Plugin pozwala na dostęp do publikacji naukowych online przez serwery HAN Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego lub Politechniki Warszawskiej. Warunkiem działania jest posiadanie aktywnego konta w bibliotekach uczelni.

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Added December 14, 2013