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eJournalHelper No Restart

Simplifies uploading marks in mcko system for people who already have their marks in digital form

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Added October 23, 2013

Bing Tags No Restart

Firefox extension for Bing Tags. Save sites for later, access them from anywhere and share your findings with others. Built with the Add-on Builder tool.

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Added October 22, 2013

Facebook Link Revealer No Restart

No more links get shortened on Facebook

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122 users
Added October 21, 2013

Google Plus Follower Stats for Firefox No Restart

Who Are Your Most Influential Google+ Followers?

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176 users
Added October 16, 2013

Zimilate Web Page Clipper No Restart

Zimilate's webpage clipper. Save pixel-perfect copies of webpages.

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154 users
Added October 15, 2013

Tip Calculator No Restart

Calcuate tip by percent of amount, split it among people or calculate tip precent given final amount

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Added October 13, 2013

exinfo No Restart

Проверяет наличие обменника в черном или белом списке, и выводит дополнительную информацию о нем.

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Added October 8, 2013

edutags No Restart

Bookmarklet für Edutags

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Added October 7, 2013

Password Generator No Restart

Choosing a password just got easier!
Simply set your password specifications and then you will have a password in no time.

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Added October 5, 2013

select2call No Restart

Add-on allows direct dialing from Firefox on compatible phone supporting URL dialling (e.g. Elmeg, Grandstream, Cisco, etc.). Just edit dial URL in settings, selected number will be appended to the end of URL.

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Added October 4, 2013

Youtube video link creator for No Restart

creates bb-coded link for youtube or coub video and copies it to clipboard.

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Added September 30, 2013

Riot Links No Restart

Обмен ссылками в чате игры Riot Zone.
Links exchange through the Riot chat.

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Added September 30, 2013

Trail Mix No Restart

Campfire add-on for firefox

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Added September 27, 2013

Zytonic Screenshot No Restart

Share images from a custom small shortened URL directly from the right click context menu!

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Added September 26, 2013

Wakelet No Restart

Collect, Organize, Share & Discover...

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Added September 23, 2013

Smart QQ No Restart


Rated 5 out of 5 stars (8)
567 users
Added September 23, 2013

hackernews-tagger No Restart

Hacker News tagging add-on for Mozilla Firefox

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Added September 21, 2013

Skip to YouTube All Comments No Restart

Directly access YouTube "All Comments" pages

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Added September 20, 2013

Cluefeed No Restart

Transfer the currently opened URL into your bookmark archive.

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Added September 20, 2013