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Google Cal

Google™ cal

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Added February 23, 2015

Page to Panel

See your desired website (mobile view) in the toolbar Panel

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Added February 23, 2015


Instagloss's firefox add-on
Understand the Web Faster
Instagloss finds the most interesting terms in any article and creates a custom glossary right beside the article you're reading. All the information you need on a single page.

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Added February 18, 2015


Organize Your Internet With Ease

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Added February 8, 2015

CFDX Descarga

CFDX Descarga es un complemento que descarga CFDIS del portal del SAT. NOTA: Es necesario crear una carpeta llamada en el escritorio llamada 'CFDX Descarga' sin comillas, pues se guardarán en dicha carpeta los XML.

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Added February 7, 2015


The Firefox addon allows enlarge font size of text paragraphs or text blocks through context menu. It also able to enlarge images.

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Added February 3, 2015


Open Feedly articles in new tabs.

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Added February 2, 2015


Basket is your place to quickly save and organize stories you find interesting on web to Read Later in your mobile devices.

- Feature rich, easy to use bookmarks.
- Keep Notes to your items
- Categorize and apply suitable labels

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Added February 1, 2015

Petition Signer

A simple petition signer for and similar petition sites

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Added January 22, 2015


A add-on which directs you to the GLUG-DSCE website.

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Added January 20, 2015

FxPro: Инструменты Форекс Трейдера

FxPro мы гордимся тем, что способны предоставить вам наилучшие в отрасли инструменты для торговли на рынке Форекс.

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Added January 20, 2015


A bookmark helper and tag blacklister for Archive of Our Own.

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Added January 19, 2015


Browser extension for

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Added January 18, 2015

Czytam Prawicowe Strony Dla Beki

Pokazuje pasek 'Czytam Dla Beki' na mocno prawicowych serwisach.

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Added January 17, 2015



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Added January 14, 2015

FxPro - Forex Tools for traders

FxPro prides itself on providing you the Add-on with:
-The real-time economic calendar;
- Streaming market quotes.
- Daily market news and analysis;
- All-in-one calculator;
Risk Warning: Trading CFDs incurs high risk of loss.

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Added January 12, 2015

Notifier for Tumblr™

Tumblr™ Notifier - An extension that keeps track of unread Tumblr Dashboard posts

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Added January 12, 2015

Hacker News Utility

Enhances Hacker News title links to Open in 'new tab' and tooltip to show the actual link.

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Added January 11, 2015

Puškice FON

Puškice add-on displaying latest 20 news from portal

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Added January 10, 2015

RunnersConnect Unit Converter

For members of, this add-on will display distance and pace units in the same units your workouts are displayed in.

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Added December 22, 2014