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Soyez notifié sur votre navigateur internet lorsque Nicoli499 débute un stream !

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Added Aug. 1, 2016

FB Page Unlocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Access and Unlock all Facebook Pages as a Guest, and without having to Login. Incl. Bypassing the Annoying Login Box!

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Added Aug. 1, 2016

TechClips Clip Button


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Added July 21, 2016

Zawgyi - Unicode Converter

Zawgyi - Unicode Converter

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Added July 19, 2016

Trendless FB Compatible with Firefox 57+

Simplify Facebook with Trendless FB!
Removes the Trending sidebar on Facebook. That's it.

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Added July 15, 2016

devRant unofficial extension

Unofficial devRant extension Connect with fellow developers over fun rants about tech

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Added July 7, 2016

Spiegel minus

(Spiegel plus) + (Spiegel minus) = Spiegel
Addon for Firefox

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Added July 2, 2016


An addon for daily cricket doses. You will get live score , daily cricket news and schedule of upcoming matches. We plan to add football and other sports later, so that you can get all your sports information right in your browser at one place.

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Added June 29, 2016

xkcd Companion

A helpful Firefox add-on for xkcd fans - provides the alt text and a link to the corresponding explainxkcd wiki page for all xkcd comics.

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Added June 29, 2016

Sponsor Detector Compatible with Firefox 57+

An addon allowing to detect sponsors using crawling-like configuration.
Also allows to create configuration for sponsorised content detection.

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Added June 24, 2016


Current weather and forecasts in your city

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Added June 16, 2016

Detrumpify Compatible with Firefox 57+

Removes "Trump" and other unpleasant names from your newsfeed and replaces them with more satisfying nicknames. Also can replace most Trump images with kittens, puppies, bunnies and some other options.

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Added June 15, 2016

Spokal Compatible with Firefox 57+

Share to Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn through Spokal. Quickly add new items to your calendar and/or recurring library.

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Added June 3, 2016


Soyez au courant quand ZeroPingBlood commence à streamer !

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Added May 29, 2016

Flipboard: Flip This! Compatible with Firefox 57+

Toolbar button to flip everything into your Flipboard.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (5)
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Added May 27, 2016

Yahoo Homepage Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension automatically sets as your homepage and new tab page.

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Added May 27, 2016

TakeItAway Compatible with Firefox 57+

This app allow user (using the TakeItAway android app) to shift the currently displayed page to their smartphone and back

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Added May 23, 2016

Pro-Life Plugin

Simple plugin that converts anti-choice and similar nonsense language to pro-life

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Added May 23, 2016

Chelxie Live Notifier

Nouvelle extension pour savoir si je suis en live et ça vous indique aussi quand une nouvelle vidéo est sortie !

Créateur: Nucktrooper
Son site:

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Added May 22, 2016

العربي الجديد

في سعيه الدائم لتطوير خدماته وتوفير الوسائل التقنية المتطورة لضمان وصول القراء الى موقع "العربي الجديد" الإلكتروني بسهولة ومن أي مكان، يوفر العربي الجديد هذه الإضافة والذي تتيح للقراء الكرام تصفح الموقع في البلاد التي تحجبه

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Added May 19, 2016