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Saent Plugin Dev

Support get current tab link of firefox for Saent App

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23 users

Archive Everything

Archives all open tabs and puts the urls with the old page title in your clipboard.

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14 users

Chat Reply Helper for Stack Exchange sites

Handle structured conversations more conveniently.

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25 users, Mapy, Mapy

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11 users


Soyez tenu au courant de quand Fukano est en stream !

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187 users

Copy As Text

Copy as plain text content of web pages with rapid preview

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28 users

Fast Switch to Asana

If an Asana tab is open, switch to it fast using `control + command + a`

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53 users


NoName Information Team 論壇 DownLoad 擴充套件

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58 users

AutoRemote Push (Unofficial)

Pushes links to your Android device via AutoRemote (an Android app by Joåo Dias, a.k.a. joaomgcd) using a toolbar button or the context menu.

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5 users


VLC player for moodles videos- No silverlight.

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20 users


Launch External Applications from the URL Bar.

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14 users

Zero Internet

How does zero-rated Internet feel like? Find out yourself.
You should complete 100 days without Internet to get in the right frame of reference before installing this add-on.
Uninstall/disable to browse.
Read extended description for details.

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6 users


Extensión que permite importar movimientos bancarios a Wallo

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58 users, Linki, Linki

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2 users

Tulum Expertizer!

Computes the 'medical expert degree' of any health-related document.

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13 users

Augmented Terraria Community Forums

Adds some features to Terraria's Community Forums that aren't already present.

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26 users

JS Toggle Button

a basic addon to toggle javascript on and off.

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20 users

Lindsay Extension

Lindsay Extension Live

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4 users

Troi Asana Interface

Add-on to link Asana with troi

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8 users

Hide Findbar

Hides the find bar when you change tabs or navigate.

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37 users