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Prevent PubMed ( sites to force focus on the search input box.

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no-np Compatible with Firefox 57+

Converts links (no participation) to regular reddit links.

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39 users


Confirm with users before opening any mailto link on the page through their default email client.

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90 users

Toolbar COSEI

Toolbar COSEI para Firefox

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10 users, Notatki Compatible with Firefox 57+, Notatki

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Add To All Dropdown

Selects the same value in all valid dropdowns (if possible) and clicks the chosen add or replace button in the same container ID.

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Provides JSON-RPC services for a page script.

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babica_copiar_colar Compatible with Firefox 57+

babica addon para copiar e colar

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Web browser for children

Protect your children from the hazards of Internet!
You can use pre-loaded and custom blacklists and whitelists, track the activity of your children, limite time spent by your children on websites, etc.

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17 users, Kalendarz Compatible with Firefox 57+, Kalendarz

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Add some Whimsy to your Firefox! (Pro Version, unregistered)

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Free Textarea

A simple textarea for cleaning formated text before paste it into a RTE editor.

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JIRA Status Colors Compatible with Firefox 57+

Script allows you to color Issues by status in JIRA v7.0

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5 users, Skracacz Compatible with Firefox 57+, Skracacz

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TS server info Compatible with Firefox 57+

Show TS server info in title.

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Mozilla Screen Draw Performance Enhancements Study.

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Vigilias Firefox Screen Sharing

A screen sharing extension for Vigilias

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Basic percentage calculator

Perform percentage calculations directly in Firefox

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Mirror2play предоставляет возможность пользователям получить гарантированный доступ к определенному сайту, заблокированному провайдером. Удобство установки, простота и безопасность использования гарантированы.

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