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SQL Injection Requires Restart

SQL Injection is an Upgrade from the old form free, it is a component to transform checkboxes, radio buttons, select elements to a input text and enable disabled elements from all forms in a page.
It makes easier to test and identify SQL injection vu...

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Hackernews Browser Addon Compatible with Firefox 57+

An addon that lists up to FIVE HUNDRED of the latest and hottest Hacker News stories

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Quick Update Checker for Hacker News

Need a more efficient way to check updates on Hacker News ? See the latest posts on Hacker News with a simple click. Navigate through comments, open posts in a new tab.

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Ubiquity in Awesomebar Requires Restart

Control Firefox like Linux. Requires installing the community-maintained Ubiquity ( ). Then, places Ubiquity in Awesomebar.

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Hacker News Feed

Have a quick peek at the top posts on Hackernews.
HackerNews is the most popular news site in the tech industry & the top choice for new product releases.

Star our repo to show support :)

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