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Furaffinity Download extension Requires Restart

Furaffinity extension for fullautomated download of entire galleries / search results / favorites and more.

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Modification of the default look of the online football manager

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Google (Persian)

Firefox addon to search Google ( Persian )
این افزونه، امکان جستجوی گوگل فارسی را در قسمت موتورهای جستجوی فایرفاکس فراهم میکند

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Furaffinity Download ext-fixed Requires Restart extension for automated content download.

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FurAffinity Filter

Filters submissions and journals on FurAffinity based on keywords, and filters annoying users too.

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Parsiblog Extension

More abilities for and, by Spica262.
قابلیت های بیشتر برای کاربران سایت های پارسی بلاگ و پارسی یار

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Furaffinity Submissions extension Requires Restart

Furaffinity extension: Tab Opener.
Opens all items of a gallery/favorites/submissions/search results of the active window in new tabs.

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