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Element Inspector

In the DOM Inspector,quickly navigate to the any elements

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Added Aug. 2, 2011

DOM Counter Requires Restart

Shows the number of DOM elements within a page.

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Added Dec. 19, 2010

FoxGuide Requires Restart

Display horizontal and vertical floating guides, exactly the way you use it in photoshop. Helps improving layout, placing elements in proper grids, laying out elements symmetrically and structure a design.

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Added Sept. 27, 2010

DOM Element Counter Requires Restart

The DOM Element Counter addon counts HTML elements and gives a notice when there is more than one h1 element present in the DOM. This might be useful for SEO and semantic purposes.

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Added June 3, 2010

LinrLightWeb Requires Restart


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Added Sept. 2, 2009

InspectThis Requires Restart

Inspect the current element with the DOM Inspector.

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Added Jan. 22, 2006