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ChmFox brings the best CHM file reading experience to Firefox

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Grab content from web sites and feeds into an ePub / mobi file for your eBook reader.
Create your own newspapers with news from all over the world.

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eBook search engine!

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Read books online

Read online books for free

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PDF eBook Searches

Yet another PDF eBook Searches. Simple addon to ease your journey to find PDF eBooks files..

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Column Reader No Restart

Web reader for wide screens and long documents. Read with pleasure in one of many attractive layouts. NEW: Integrated image viewer with pan and zoom. NEW: Choice of replacement font. NEW: Support for multi-process Firefox. For Firefox 35.0 and newer.

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EdocFind Ebook PDF Search Engine

EBOOKS, PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel Files and Flash Animations Search Engine

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.PDF files

Search .PDF files

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TripAdvisor Hotels and Motels Search

TripAdvisor Hotels and Motels Search. Check out TripAdvisor travelers reviews of thousands of hotels. Then book a great deal. Get the best hotel room from 500,000 hotels worldwide ranked by 40 Mill. reviews and opinions from TripAdvisor travelers.

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Page Flippers

Read your Firefox like a book! Adds side buttons to scroll pages with one click, just like on Kindle.

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Bank Knig Search

Free russian books from the site. Site contains more then 120.000 books and all of them available for free downloading without registration.

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booksfordc No Restart

See if books, ebooks, and/or audiobooks are available at the DC Public Library while browsing Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble.

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Bargain Book Mole

With Bargain Book Mole, you can quickly check the best prices from 20,000+ merchants on the top 30+ bookselling websites with just a click of your mouse.

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Kansas City Public Library Search

Search the Kansas City Public Library catalog.

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Boston Public Library Search

Search the Boston Public Library catalog.

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amazon with Google books

Add google books link in amazon search result page.

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Library of Congress Search

Search The Library of Congress catalog.

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Book Discovery

Book recommendation through web site you browse - A free book recommendation service that helps you discover books which are related to web sites you browse. All popular browsers are supported, visit:

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Online Appointment Quick Links

MyNA online appointment quick links provides links to the business website, appointment book, calendar and more. Some links require membership. The system handles requests and displays information based on the user's login status and login ID.

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