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CR-Unblocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

This tool will change the session on to an american one when the site is visited from somewhere else.

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ExHentai Easy 2

When accessing the user is presented with a photo of a sad panda. Access to the site is restricted to users of the sister site whom must manually copy their IPB cookie. This plugin automates this process.

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pakku: bilibili danmaku filter [Language: Chinese] Compatible with Firefox 57+

*a tweak for a Chinese website. Please ignore this add-on if you are not a user of*

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9anime Companion Compatible with Firefox 57+

A simple companion extension for 9anime

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Kiss Autoplay Compatible with Firefox 57+

Autoplay KissAnime and KissCartoon episodes anti-adblock free in a beautiful fullscreen player-- no F11 required!

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Fake Anime Site Blocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extensions block fake anime phishing websites. Most fake websites include harmful scripts, such as exploit kits, crypto miners and a bunch of ad providers. By using this extension, their websites won't load at all and a notification will appear.

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Search Anime by Screenshot Compatible with Firefox 57+

Use anime screenshots to search where this scene is taken from.

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Anime Notifier Compatible with Firefox 57+

Notifies you when there's a new episode of your favourite anime available.

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Masterani Plus Compatible with Firefox 57+

It tracks the anime you watch, and it remembers the last episode you watched of each show.
It displays all the shows you visited in Masterani, and clicking on them will take you to the last episode you watched.

Not yet rated
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Dragon Ball Z Tribute New Tab Compatible with Firefox 57+

Goku and the rest of the Dragon Ball Z gang on your new tab page! 15 rotating high-res images!

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Xpresso- Animated avatar emojis & GIF Stickers Compatible with Firefox 57+

Create your lookalike 3D cartoon avatar, add animated text, share animations as GIF stickers on Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Tumblr & everywhere else

#Related: emojis, avatar, animojis, animated text, gif stickers, anime, emoticons

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patchouli-chan: auto-sync your MAL Compatible with Firefox 57+

patchouli-chan is a browser extension for automatically syncing what you've read and watched with your MyAnimeList, updating your MAL without you needing to do anything.

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影视资源天空 电影 电视剧 动漫 综艺 应有尽有

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Anime Search

Search anime: videos, reviews, series etc. on anime websites

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Nyaa Magnet Links Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add magnet links on NyaaTorrents

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Mikan Compatible with Firefox 57+

Enhance your experience

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NyaaTorrents Search

This plugin allows users to easily search NyaaTorrents for latest anime/manga releases or just Japanese stuff in general

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Keresés az oldalon

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