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Alii Compatible with Firefox 57+

Search for the cheapest items on Amazon, AliExpress and Ebay all with one click.
1. Highlight some text
2. Left click the text
3. Click "Search on Alii"

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Added May 11, 2018

挖券 Compatible with Firefox 57+




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Added April 11, 2018

TAXFree Compatible with Firefox 57+

Elimina el 21% (IVA) aplicado en los productos vendidos y enviados por Amazon. Solo funciona en las regiones de Amazon: ES, UK, FR y DE.

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Added April 7, 2018

Amazon Enhancer Compatible with Firefox 57+

Fast, Optimized, Lean. Enhances Amazon shopping experience!

Current Features:
- Dark Theme Toggle
- Clean up Amazon

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Added April 6, 2018

Amazon Price Compare Compatible with Firefox 57+

Compare prices across all Amazon european marketplaces. Save money by comparing prices of stores in the European Union.

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Added March 31, 2018

Everything Metric (Converter) Compatible with Firefox 57+

This add-on automatically translates all pages from American units to International System of units (SI/Metric), adding converted unit in brackets behind USCS units.

Example: 1 feet (0.3 m)˜

Convenient for Amazon shopping, cooking, etc.

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Added March 8, 2018

MerchCopyPaste Compatible with Firefox 57+

With MerchCopyPaste you can simply copy and paste Brand, Title, Bulletpoints, Price and Description from the Amazon Merch Product Details Page (when in Draft/Edit Mode)

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Added March 8, 2018

Supportly Compatible with Firefox 57+

Supportly ermöglicht es dir Amazon-Partnerlinks deiner Lieblingsprojekte zu speichern und sie per Zufall aufzurufen, um sie alle mit deinen Einkäufe zu unterstützen.


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Added March 1, 2018

Mensis - Suivi de prix Compatible with Firefox 57+

Suivi de prix

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Added Feb. 13, 2018

アマゾン注文履歴フィルタ Compatible with Firefox 57+


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Added Feb. 4, 2018

AZLabels - Thermal Labels For Amazon Compatible with Firefox 57+

AZLabels allows you to print thermal labels straight to your thermal printer from Seller Central.

Tired of downloading PDFs, snapshotting the same section over and over, or using ancient software that takes forever? Print in one click.

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Added Jan. 29, 2018

Amazon Affiliate Linkerizer Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds an address bar icon that shortens and shrinks Amazon links, adds your affiliate code, and copies to your clipboard.

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Added Jan. 18, 2018

Amazon Fake Reviews Hider Compatible with Firefox 57+

Filters out biased, paid and VINE reviews which clog up Amazon.
Enjoy a proper shopping experience.

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Added Jan. 9, 2018

TheReviewIndex - Reviews Summarizer Compatible with Firefox 57+

Summarize reviews from,,, Will be auto-updated to support more marketplaces soon!

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Added Dec. 19, 2017

Eshopex International Shipping Compatible with Firefox 57+

Dinamically adds an international Checkout button on Amazon and Ebay Stores allowing you to buy items outside the USA.

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Added Dec. 15, 2017

Amazon Search Compatible with Firefox 57+

Right-click on a selected item and search for it on Amazon

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Added Dec. 15, 2017

Enhance Product Visibility Compatible with Firefox 57+

Know the ranking of your product, add product in your catalog. Also share product in single click or schedule for future share.

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Added Nov. 20, 2017

Search Goods via Google Compatible with Firefox 57+

Find the same or similar products at Ebay, Amazon or AliExpress by right-clicking the image.

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Added Oct. 27, 2017

Zuddy: your Amazon Buddy Compatible with Firefox 57+

Zuddy is a simple tool for comparing product prices across the Amazon sites family.

Every time you visit an online store, Zuddy will allow you to quickly search the products on that page at your preferred Amazon websites with just a mouse-click.

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Added Oct. 20, 2017

Amazon Wish List Total Compatible with Firefox 57+

Keeps a running total of all the items it's seen in the current Amazon wish list.

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Added Oct. 18, 2017