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Ubuntu-it Menu

Quick navigation menu through all the resources of the Italian community of the Linux distribution Ubuntu ( Allow also a quick navigation through some resources of other Ubuntu communities including the international one.

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Ubuntu Human Theme

Ubuntu Human Icons, derived from Ubuntu Linux OS. ...

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Ubuntu-CZ Menu

Ubuntu-CZ - Menu

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OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox Notifier

The official OMG! Ubuntu! Firefox add-on.

Stay up to date with the latest Ubuntu news and developments.

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91 users

Ubuntu Forums Menu

Additional navigation menu for Ubuntu Forums via main-menu and context...

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ubuntu-countdown No Restart

Ubuntu 11.04 Natty 的倒计时

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Ubuntu Tango Theme

Ubuntu Tango Theme. This theme use the Tango icon from Ubuntu...

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46 users

Ubuntu-hu eszköztár

Ubuntu-hu eszköztár a gyors eléréshez.

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Ubuntu-hu menübár.

Ubuntu-hu menü a gyors eléréshez.

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Ubuntu Affiliate Redirect

Redirects links on Amazon to be tagged with the Ubuntu affiliate codes.

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Menu Ubuntu-ve

Extension for firefox, to put a menu on the Ubuntu Community-ve

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Ubuntu-es menu

Menu de navegacion para

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Menu Ubuntu-Ve -v2 No Restart

Menú de navegación y acceso directo en Barra de Complementos de la comunidad oficial de Ubuntu en Venezuela. compatible con la versión 21.0 de Mozilla Firefox.
Desarrollado por bajo Licencia pública GNU, versión 3.0

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ubuntuusers Menu

Access nearly all areas of the German Ubuntu portal, the international forum and more than 100 other (int.) websites around Linux, Ubuntu, hardware & software etc.

The extension is translated into English and German.

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449 users

Tango FX4

The Ubuntu Tango Theme for Firefox 4.

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Ubuntistas menu

A menu for easy browsing the Greek Ubuntu sites and not only.

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Strata Human

This theme gives the clean, glossy look of the XP and Vista "Strata" icons to Ubuntu's Human theme. I took the XP version of Strata and changed the colors in Gimp to better fit the Human theme. I think it fits pretty well.

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Icons from the Tango Desktop Project. It is a variant of the "Tango" theme for use with Ubuntu themes. See more details at the "Tango" info...

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Neofox IE 6

This theme gives the Look of Internet Explorer 6.0. Why Make Firefox Theme that looks like GNOME,Apple,Ubuntu,Vista and yes IE. Because we happen to like the look.. Also some School,Companies don't allow open source software. Some People are fans...

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Unityfox No Restart

Adds a download progress bar and active downloads count to the Firefox icon on the launcher in Unity

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