Web Development


Berlioz Developer

Set of tools to assist Berlioz developers

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3 users

PageSeeder Developer

Set of tools to assist PageSeeder developers

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4 users

Paste2.org No Restart

Download plain text file from Paste2.org

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62 users

COMENT.ME - easy way to comment a websites No Restart

Comment, sign or draw anything right over the page. Share the result with your friends and colleagues.

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55 users

FN-AntiLikeFB No Restart

Script phát hiện các website chèn code Like tự động

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Savana Sinhala News Reader

“SAVANA” is a TTS browser application for Sinhala Unicode text .
This is developed as a university undergraduate project of engineering graduate of the department of electrical and computer engineering ,The Open University of Sri Lanka,

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Gwt Reload Debug No Restart

Gwt Reload Debug recarrega uma Tab automaticamente após o restart do Debug ou caso fique seja o primeiro Debug inicia uma nova Tab carregando o URL de Debug configurada.

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47 users

Links completer

Complete random links

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JSON Inspector No Restart

Inspect JSON object from a URL or entered data.
Requires either DOM Inspector or DOM Inspector Plus! [dm] extension.

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353 users

High-Tech Bridge and MITRE advisories lookup bar

High-Tech Bridge and MITRE advisories search bar.

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Facebook Link Revealer No Restart

No more links get shortened on Facebook

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92 users

Supercounters.com Users Online Counter No Restart

Shows how many visitors are visiting your site right now.

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80 users

Open Analytics with toolbar button

This Firefox addon adds an Analytics button to the top toolbar. This Analytics button opens Google Analytics in new tab.

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54 users

Open AdWords with toolbar button

This Firefox addon adds an AdWords button to the top toolbar. This AdWords button opens Google AdWords in new tab.

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8 users

Usability Test Recorder No Restart

Инструмент для юзабилити-тестирования.

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Git Done

This extension enables a developer to mark a comment as done in his git PR

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Awesomebar Bugzilla Suggestions No Restart

Adds Bugzilla Awesomebar suggestions and redirects bug numbers to Bugzilla.

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AInspector Firebug (Alpha Version) No Restart

Adds accessibility evaluation and inspection features to the Firebug extension

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170 users


Connect to remote servers with one click by running external commands depending on the webpage open in current tab.

To get started, check the command configuration and add the toolbar button to a toolbar of your choice.

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SeLite Extension Sequencer

SeLite Extension Sequencer - it loads user Core or IDE extensions of Selenium IDE in order reflecting their dependancies.

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