Web Development


Upscrn Uploader Requires Restart

Lets you capture an image of a web page, select the part you want and send it to Upscrn.com.

Visit www.upscrn.com for more information.

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7 users

view sourcecode Requires Restart

source code of any webpage

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38 users

quit gcli

quit command for the developer command line

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Onload Script Some Document Files

Run an external onload script for some documents. Intentionally limited to file URI scheme.

Made to allow processing without need for script reference and onload attribute in the document itself.

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5 users

DOFO extension for Firefox Requires Restart

DOFO.com allows you to get access to all the domain information of the webpage you are browsing just clicking a button: WHOIS, domain appraisal, trademark.

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15 users

Проверка EN-RU опечаток Requires Restart

Проверка слов на подстановку в них латинских букв, схожих по написанию с русскими. A-a, C-c и др. на сайтах .gov.ru

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47 users

TreeStat Requires Restart

Display the open/closed status of Mozilla's trees

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14 users

SeLite Commands Requires Restart

Selenium IDE Core extension. It provides various Selenese commands, for example for entering/selecting random input values.

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235 users

Open Analytics with toolbar button Requires Restart

This Firefox addon adds an Analytics button to the top toolbar. This Analytics button opens Google Analytics in new tab.

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51 users

PageSeeder Developer Requires Restart

Set of tools to assist PageSeeder developers

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3 users

JSFiddle / CodePen pour developpez.com

Intégration de JSFiddle et CodePen dans le forum developpez.net

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62 users

Template Extractor Requires Restart

This tool automatically extracts the template of a webpage.
In order to identify the template, this tool (1) analyzes the webpages linked by the current webpage, and (2) identifies common HTML structures. The common HTML structure is the template.

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133 users


Firebug extension to copy net requests to the clipboard to the desired format

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266 users

Dogecoin FUD Eraser

A temporary way of removing content from a web-page

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35 users


This is the Superglue browser add-on to create and modify web content stored on a Superglue server

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41 users

Unhosted Mail

Unhosted Mail extension is open IMAP/SMTP connection to Mail servers. Then the Unhosted web application communicate with extension to communicate with Mail servers(IMAP/SMTP).

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13 users

Geodik Toolbar Requires Restart

Toolbar untuk memudahkan akses website Geodik.com dalam mencari referensi ilmiah seperti jurnal, buku digital, istilah-istilah akademik dan lain sebagainya.

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Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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409 users

Hex Viewer

View any file, like WinHex

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33 users


Select any bugzilla.mozilla.org bug number on a webpage and press the button to go there or select and right click.

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