Web Development


Launch SSH No Restart

Launch a SSH terminal by clicking ssh:// links on a web page, or any other command line executable with options derived from the URL.

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80 users

JS Switcher No Restart

Turns on and off JavaScript

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289 users

WinTask Fr No Restart

WinTask - logiciel d'automatisation pour le Web et Windows

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19 users

WinTask x64 No Restart

WinTask component browser automation

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533 users

SisBugs No Restart

Bug do sistema

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1 user

Page Performance Test No Restart

Get accurate performance timing for any page with this extension

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338 users

Doocle Screen Sharing Extension No Restart

Doocle Screen Sharing Extension

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12 users

Dotit No Restart

This Extension allows you to dot images from differnt websites

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7 users

Screen-sharing extension for neuronimbusmail No Restart

Screen sharing

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IceLink WebRTC Screen Capture No Restart

This extension allows WebRTC connections to use the screen as a video source.

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81 users

ScheckProKeyword No Restart

Search keyword position in google

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18 users

WP:inline Screenshots for Wordpress No Restart

Use with the Rollerblade App tool on your WordPress site to let your clients and team take accurate in line screenshots and provide visual feedback in a dead simple interface that even the least technical of your clients can use.

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62 users

Table of Contents for GitHub No Restart

Adds a table of contents to repositories, gists and wikis on GitHub

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41 users

WShowPassword No Restart

Mostra as senhas dos formularios em exibição, trocando os asteristicos por texto

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26 users

iinView-uat No Restart

iinView Lead Tracker Plug-in for UAT Environment

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2 users

iinView-dev No Restart

iinView Lead Tracker Plug-in for Local Environment

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1 user

Logiteam screensharing No Restart

Helper utility for enabling screensharing

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14 users

Zombie Navigator No Restart

Automate any web workflow simply with Firefox! It's kind of SlimerJS as a Firefox addon. Lightweight and unintrusive!

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21 users

Codecademy Redesigned No Restart

Fixed bugs, new features, and restyled Q&A forums - Codecademy Redesigned.

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11 users

PageRank Replacement by LinkResearchTools No Restart

The LRT Power*Trust metric helps you evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of a domain or page you are currently visiting.

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248 users