Web Development


AccessTimesPanel No Restart

See the current time on the development panel!

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2 users

TMOL Feature Flags No Restart

TM Feature Flagging for Firefox

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11 users

Pentest Ninja No Restart

SQL Injection And Cross Site Scripting Takeover Tool

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50 users

VebTraffic.com site viewer. No Restart

Peer 2 Peer traffic sharing internet service

Using our Firefox plugin will allow you to earn free traffic for your website from users around the World.

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12 users

Go2 Domain Root No Restart

Go2 Domain Root is an ultra simple plugin for quickly navigating from an URL within in a domain to its root.

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5 users

Search on Stackoverflow

Exclusive complement to search the selected word on Stackoverflow.

Any bug report here

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118 users

UserStyles™ No Restart

UserStyles™ allows you to change any website's appearance; Choose your desired style from userstyles.org

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88 users

GO.PL Sales Extension No Restart

To rozszerzenie pozwala na automatyczne wykrycie kodów remarketingowych a także kodów kampanii Google.

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FireKnockout No Restart

Small extension to Firebug which adds an option to inspect the current Knockout context to the Firebug context menu on DOM elements.

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20 users

WTFOSAURUS-Agar.io No Restart

Simply adds a button to Agar.io to connect to the official twitch.tv/WTFOSAURUS server.

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503 users

GTM DataLayer Watcher No Restart

This will watch the DataLayer and log new items to the console as they are pushed.

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37 users

Github Better Filters No Restart

Save your favorite filters when searching in github repos.

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4 users

Last Tab No Restart

Allows you to switch to the last tab, Press Alt + Z

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49 users

Modify Header Value No Restart

Add, modify or remove a header for any request on desired domains.

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240 users

My Scratchpad No Restart

Paste code selected on a page to Scratchpad.

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7 users

MXR to DXR No Restart

Change MXR to DXR.

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11 users

V2_TrackOFF No Restart

First version for upload, to be used with TrackOFF desktop application

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105 users

GTM Test Drive No Restart

Test Google Tag Manager before installing it on your website.

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14 users

Selenium IDE: WebLOAD Formatters

WebLOAD code formatters for Selenium IDE

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5 users

rogumemove No Restart


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