Web Development


BuiltWith Tab No Restart

An alternate BuiltWith add-on which shows info in a background browser tab.

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159 users


Biggest WooCommerce Extension GPL Club online

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Show external css/js files

Show external css/js files in new tab

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65 users

Show Host IP

Shows Host Resolved IP address

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64 users

toggle Responsive

Toggle responsive design mode with a button.

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1,365 users

Search Krumo No Restart

Search Krumo Drupal module in Firefox add-on.

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3 users

Cookie Notification Preventer

Simple extension for preventing web site's cookies notifications.

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97 users

Selenium IDE: Gosub Control

A gosub control plugin for Selenium-IDE
A BASIC-like command is added - gosub, sub, endsub, return

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13 users

px-to-em-converter No Restart

Online/Offline calculator for your custom EM needs.

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96 users

SeLite Run All Favorites

It runs a sequence of all test suites marked as favorites in "Favorites (Selenium IDE)". It exports/imports test suite locations relative to user's home folder. The exports are formatted for easy editing and you can manage them in SVN/GIT.

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61 users

Feature Bee Firefox Addon No Restart

An add on to help managing feature bee toggles.

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17 users

TagPathSelector No Restart

CSS-Selector auto generator for any tag on a Web page.

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OctoAudit No Restart

OctoAudit is a browser extension that allows you to add TODO checklist items from a GitHub issue/pull request's comments into its summary.

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Set proxy server with one click! No Restart

Set proxy server with one click! Visit Cool-proxy.net, the best resource of proxy servers and set your browser with one click.

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175 users

ContensConnector No Restart

Link to page in Contens CMS backend

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27 users

IUD Sql No Restart

This addons doing fast insert code.

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253 users

Process Toggle No Restart

Toggle the multi-process mode in Firefox Nightly, or set the maximum number of processes. Useful for add-on developers and other early birds. For Firefox Nightly only!

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9 users

Whois it No Restart

Lightweight no restart whois lookup addon. Get all Whois information on visited URL with single click.

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36 users

YZU_portal_time_machine No Restart


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SmallURL No Restart

SmallURL for Firefox, Smallify in a click!

The small and simple URL Shortener has hit Firefox!
You can now shorten your URLS in a click, They're even put on your clipboard too!

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50 users