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SmallURL No Restart

SmallURL for Firefox, Smallify in a click!

The small and simple URL Shortener has hit Firefox!
You can now shorten your URLS in a click, They're even put on your clipboard too!

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Smart Refresh Button

Adds a toolbar button for re-render the page (without triggering cache reload).

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615 users

smartpress Search Engine

Smartpress booklet printing,
Short run booklet printing,
Wedding booklet printing,
Custom booklet printing

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SmartTHING Screen Capture No Restart

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for https://www.smartthing.org pages.

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SMF Watcher

Displays various information from your SMF-based website in your status bar.

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Quickly Access SmugMug Management...

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Snapbugz is the simplest free Bugtracker you will ever use. Enter a URL, annotate the screen, invite and discuss your result. Done. Bugtracking as easy as 1-2-3.

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People often take screenshots of web pages for miscellaneous reasons - when designing a page, debugging a web application, or even for graphical reference. Usually, though, only a portion of the screenshot is actually relevant to the user's...

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SnapSite No Restart

Easiest way to send a screenshot to your clipboard.

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SOA Client

A portable client to access web services and UDDI registries.

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12,839 users

Social Media for Firefox

Status bar that will show you how many votes content has at Digg, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Delicious, Reddit, Mixx, Sphinn, and other social sites. Find good content to build your social accounts. Also track Bit.ly from your status bar.

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Anzahl der URL Nennungen in Social Media Communities.
Aktuell unterstützt :
Facebook shares
Google plusons
Twitter tweets

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75 users

SocialMetrics for Firefox No Restart

Display Twitter Tweet and Facebook Like Count for the current website

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24 users

Solinet AdsSpy

Solinet AdsSpy is an extension, which displays IDs of popular affiliate networks(AdSense etc.) and tracking systems(Google Analytics etc). Using this plugin you can see the number of sites with a particular ID and get the list of these sites.

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Rajoute 6 boutons dans l'interface : "Close all tabs", "Reload all tabs", "Undo last closed tab", "Reset zoom", "Open the inspector" and "Open the error console".

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Sorted Stack No Restart

An extension that forces stackoverflow answers to be sorted by score, even if the asker of the question has selected an answer as accepted.

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source code of a webpage

source code of any webpage

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source code view

source code of any webpage

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Source Viewer Tab

Shows web page sources in tab.

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1,900 users


View and Edit source of HTML element...

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