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SVN Detector Requires Restart

Detect SVN Files, phpinfo.php, info.php and phpmyadmin on Webpages

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Google Favicon Requires Restart

Anzeige von Favicons in den Google Suchergebnissen. Google Instant Ready!

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ContextMenuPlus adds extra items to context menu(right-click menu):
Copy Page Title, Copy Page URL, Copy as HTML Link, Copy as Link, Open Page Hostname, Copy as Plain Text, Copy Link Text, Copy Feed URL, Paste & Submit, ...

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ImgAvenue.com Image Uploader Requires Restart

Upload images fast and easy to ImgAvenue.com by right-clicking on them. Select thumbnail size and image will be uploaded in a second to our image hosting.

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Copy URL on Mouse Over Requires Restart

You can copy any URL on Mouse Over. Which helps you to copy the urls very quickly.

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Compatibility Detector for Firefox


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Solinet AdsSpy Requires Restart

Solinet AdsSpy is an extension, which displays IDs of popular affiliate networks(AdSense etc.) and tracking systems(Google Analytics etc). Using this plugin you can see the number of sites with a particular ID and get the list of these sites.

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ZipZoom Requires Restart

Craiglist Bot

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Lubemonkey Requires Restart

(A Graesemonkey fork)
Next Generation script manager for Firefox with SQlite Database storage.
As greasemonkey you can customize the way a web page displays but you can do it having lots of fast storage and the power of SQL.

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Go Daddy WHOIS Requires Restart

What's in the WHOIS?
The WHOIS database is a searchable list of every single domain currently registered in the world. To find out who owns a particular domain name, all you have to do is type it into the box above.

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Coderwall extension for Firefox

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Chennien AIR - 陳年雲端 Requires Restart


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Simple Keywords Requires Restart

A simple tool to grab keywords from textareas or any selected active element.

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Add X-Forwarded-For Header

Adds X-Forwarded-For header to all HTTP requests.
Works with Firefox Mobile, Tested with FF Mobile 16.0.1 and Android JB 4.1.1.
Min Version 15.0
Max Version 19.*

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Kitkatbar Requires Restart

This is my first Firefox toolbar with kitkatbar button facility!

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KanbanTool Requires Restart

Easy to use and feature-rich online team board solution for Kanban, Scrum and project management. Improve your team performance with leading visual project management tool. All tasks and projects in one place. Finally!

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FBpanelim Requires Restart

bu panel süperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ötesiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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XPath Prototyping Requires Restart

Easy XPath prototyping. Mining HTML to JSON.

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sepsis-console (Deprecated) Requires Restart

THIS VERSION IS DEPRECATED. Use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/developers/addon/sepsis-console instead. See the description below.

sepsis-console is a general-purpose JavaScript console for all Mozilla toolkit applications.

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