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CloudKibo Screen Sharing Addon

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for CloudKibo and KiboSupport pages.

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SumoMe Compatible with Firefox 57+

Free tools to grow your website's traffic.

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GlotDict Compatible with Firefox 57+

https://translate.wordpress.org enable to the users to translate plugin, themes and WordPress itself.
The problem is that every community have their dictionaries to maintain consistency of the terms.

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SEO LIVE Checker

Sidebar-SEO-Prüftool zum Auslesen von Inhalten aus HTML-Quelltext. SERP (Seitentitel, Meta-Description), interne Links, Alternativtexte IMG, Robots-Inhalte (Hreflang, Meta-Robots, Canonical), Überschriften (H1, H2, H3, H4), inkl. Keyword-Quick-Check

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Pluralsight screen sharing plugin

Enable screen sharing for Pluralsight and Hackhands website

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StatCounter Code Checker Compatible with Firefox 57+

This tool allows StatCounter users to check their pages for StatCounter code and quickly navigate to detailed stats reports for their site.

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GitHub Original Streak

An add-on that gets back current and longest streak on Github profiles

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Inbasis Desktop Capturing

Share your desktop or application using firefox desktopCapture

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MXR to DXR - WebExtension Compatible with Firefox 57+

Rewrites all MXR source links to DXR ones. Doesn't check repo availability (if the slug for the repo is not on DXR, the link will 404), or work for search queries, but does rewrite 'rev' and 'mark' parameters to syntax that works with DXR.

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EnvAwareness Compatible with Firefox 57+

A extension that aims to prevent developers from using wrong environments (you never know when you will test stuff in production thinking that you are on a testing environment).

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BluEnt Sharing Tool

It only captures the content of your screen

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UpgradeMixedContent Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds an 'upgrade-insecure-requests' CSP to all HTTPS server responses. On HTTPS pages, this should make the browser at least try to load HTTP resources over HTTPS instead of just ignoring them (if security.mixed_content.block_display_content=false).

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Monitorito Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension creates a real-time visualisation of your browsing activityMonitorito is an extension capturing and visualising all the requests being made by the browser. Users can see a graph of all the domains they have accessed via requests, along

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QR Coder Compatible with Firefox 57+

Encodes text selection and URLs into QR codes

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Dynamics CRM Power Pane Compatible with Firefox 57+

The CRM Power Pane is a helper tool designed to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM application and allow you to manipulate forms.

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SEO Website Review

SEO Tools & Website Review Analysis offer complete website report and show advice of your site issues, step by step how to fix guide to improve your site SEO health and help to rank higher in Google search position than your competitors.

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9GAG Nightmode

This addon changes the backgroundcolor on 9gag.com from white to black (nightmode). It also changes some font colors from black to white.
This is a personal addon which is not official from 9gag.com.

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Cisco Web Communicator Compatible with Firefox 57+

Enable Web applications integrated with Cisco Jabber voice and video to use the Cisco Web Communicator add-on.

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Form Filler Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension allows you to fill all form inputs (textboxes, textareas, radio buttons, dropdowns, etc.) with **random/dummy** data.

The purpose of this extension is to help developers test their forms quickly and easily.

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