Web Development


Titles Extension Requires Restart

Extension to get page titles and urls and format them for use on a website or content management system, like Drupal.

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7 users

CSS Coverage

Tests your stylesheets across multiple pages to see which rules are used and which can be safely removed.

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18 users

Link Target Finder BETA Requires Restart

Finds links that have a target attribute.

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Деньги за капчу

Получайте деньги за разгадывание капчи

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35 users

Screensharing EADC

Helper utility for enabling screensharing

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10 users

ScreenShare Enable

Screenshare add on basic App

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28 users

Odoo toggle debug

This add-on allow to switch / switch back debug mode in Odoo 9 by pressing Alt-Shift-X (was Ctrl-Shift-X in 1.1)

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51 users

OurCountry reader

Proof of concept for reading articles without login

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5 users


This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for https://present.goubiq.com pages.

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11 users


Detects GPS EXIF information in loaded JPEGs automatically

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52 users

WAVE Accessibility Extension

Evaluate web accessibility within the Firefox browser. When activated, the WAVE extension injects icons and indicators into your page to give feedback about accessibility and to facilitate manual evaluation.

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448 users

DevTools Auto Open

Automatically opens Firefox Developer Tools when new tab / new window is opened.

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56 users

Channel Page Opener

Opens all images

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18 users

Email Encoder & Decoder

Email Encode or Email Decode any String in One Click.
You can encode or decode bulk emails at a time with export facility
Base64 is a group of similar binary-to-text encoding schemes that represent binary data in an ASCII string format

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Small Screen Renderer Requires Restart

Turn your Firefox into a cellphone browser. It adds a new menu entry "Small Screen Rendering" under the View menu. Just select it to have the page you are currently browsing redisplayed in a cellphone...

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26 users

Open Link Host Requires Restart

* Open the link's host in Current Window/New Window/New Tab...

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34 users

UnicodetoHTML Requires Restart

Converts selected unicode text to HTML character codes with right-click.

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247 users

QuickFrame Requires Restart

Allows quick access to frame functions via the context menu by overriding "Reload", "View Page Source" and "View Page Info". Instead of being applied to the main window, those functions now apply to the current frame only.

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699 users

RDF Viewer Requires Restart

RDF (Resource Description Framework) is a model for storing graphs of information. This is a tool for exploring the structure of a RDF...

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UnHide fields Requires Restart

this extension allow you to view and edit hidden fields...

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27 users