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Forumotion Backup Templates No Restart

Export & Import Forumotion templates

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rogumecopy No Restart


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FireKnockout No Restart

Small extension to Firebug which adds an option to inspect the current Knockout context to the Firebug context menu on DOM elements.

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Lympha No Restart

A basic add-on. Gets rid of a current site's cookies. Repository: https://github.com/MARNUTUX/lympha-cookies

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AngularDetect No Restart

Detects the use of AngularJS on a webpage and gives you an alert when it detects AngularJS. It just gives you a heads up that hey, this site was built with angular, so that might be why its so cool! And if your an angular dev, inspiration!

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Launch SSH No Restart

Launch a SSH terminal by clicking ssh:// links on a web page, or any other command line executable with options derived from the URL.

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Rank Recon

RankRecon.com helper

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open with referer No Restart

使用来路(request header中的referer)打开网页

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Count added/removed lines of code on bitbucket.com No Restart

Count how many lines of code were added/removed in the commit or pull request on bitbucket.com.
Example: https://bitbucket.org/VitaliyCherniyenko/geekhublessons/commits/dc3d870b6e8adec72fbb50fb976fb1897fdcd6ee

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修改了浮夸的界面,爱护眼睛才是第一.感谢r0oth3x49升级!By Darkmelody.

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custom additions to Stylish extension

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Shop at Best No Restart

Shop at Best firefox extension

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SecurityCheck No Restart

A simple way to check the security of the website you're visiting using the SSLLabs and SecurityHeaders sites.

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Tokbox Screensharing No Restart

This addon helps user to share their screen over opentok video.

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DefaultSize No Restart

Tiny browser window resizer.

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Selenium DateUtils

An addon for adding date, numbers handling to selenium ide.

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MIYAJIMA - Gerador de CPF e CNPJ No Restart

Add-on criado para agilizar os teste funcionais onde é necessário CPF e CNPJ válidos

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RSS Editor

Desktop RSS editor for casual editing of RSS 2.0...

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Add N Edit Cookies

Cookie Editor that allows you add and edit "session" and saved...
Firefox 3 comptible

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HTML Validator (based on CSE HTML Validator)

Validates HTML documents using the CSE HTML Validator engine for Windows. Requires CSE HTML Validator for Windows. The lite edition is available for free at http://www.htmlvalidator.com/li...

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