Web Development



This can be used to set or reset any proxy server address with default port 443 for your browser.

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Launchpad Helper

Useful Launchpad functionality in your browser.

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Screen share in Firefox

Firefox extension to enable screen share for real time screen share .

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Ensighten Developer Tools

An add-on to add basic Ensighten debugging functionality to Firefox

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notice noindex Requires Restart

notify the noindex of the page

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SeLite Hands-on GUI Requires Restart

Before installing, see the urgent note in its Details.

SeLite Hands-on GUI - Selenium IDE extension. It makes Selenium IDE GUI more practical. You can edit comments and targets and values of commands 'in place' (where they are listed).

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IPFS Companion

This addon provides transparent access to IPFS resources via local HTTP2IPFS gateway.

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ValidateThisWebPage Requires Restart

This is an extension to validate online HTML pages using W3C validation service.

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GitHub Latest Projects

Discover Up & Coming Projects on GitHub.Find popular GitHub projects that were created in the past few days (configurable).

Please Don't forget to Star our repo :)

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withExEditor Compatible with Firefox 57+

View Source, View Selection, and Edit Text with the external editor.

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Website Theme Manager

Website Theme Manager allows you to change any website's appearance

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AC Unit Test

Generate unit tests from AtCoder's problem page.

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Show Server

Show the server you are currently connected to

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Wayback machine website and Who is domain

Online service that have 452 billion web pages saved over time and who is domain tools in context menu

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Allows users to share their screen to other users

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UI Previewer Button Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds a preview button to a GitHub PR allowing you to preview and QA code before it is merged.

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ContextMenu Tool Requires Restart

Context Menu Creator, will allow its user to add his favourite urls in context menu, for an easy reach

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Shtn It!

Shtn any URL for free via the PXIMG image host.

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Styles and skins for all popular sites in the web

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An add-on that keeps you in sync with your Github Account.

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