Close Tab # No Restart

Close any tabs numbered 1-8 with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+{number}.

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38 users
Added February 11, 2014

Undo Tab @ps

Add a toolbar button onto any toolbar to undo closed tabs

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23 users
Added February 8, 2014

Tab Overflow @ps No Restart

Make sure your tabs stay visible all the time.

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Added February 8, 2014

Angry Cat

Angry Cat is a funny "time killer" sites locker.

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12 users
Added February 6, 2014

Last Selected Tab No Restart

Allow quick switch between last used tabs, the default hotkey is Control-.

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15 users
Added February 5, 2014

Open Tags!

Makes easier to open tagged bookmarks.

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47 users
Added January 31, 2014

Bottom Tabs

Move tabs to the bottom of the browser window.

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166 users
Added January 29, 2014

Tab Deque No Restart

A firefox extension for better tab handling. Inspired by Opera 12.

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243 users
Added January 28, 2014

View Source Code in the Same Tab No Restart

Switch between a web page and its source code easily without opening another window, just in the same tab you are. Press: Control + Shift + s and enjoy! Then press the same shortcut to gte back the webpage.

You can also cutomize the shortcut.

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218 users
Added January 24, 2014

Fornesia Forum ToolBar

Fornesia Forum Ektensien

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1 user
Added January 23, 2014


Adds vim keybindings.

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Added January 18, 2014

Multilookup: Multitab searching

Search multiple Web sources in the same time.

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33 users
Added January 17, 2014

Android New Tab

New tab page for Android style is a based on HTML5 Firefox Addons, which developed refer the popular Android UI. It provides speed dial, quick search funtions, such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, etc.

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932 users
Added January 17, 2014


Toolbar - - Monitoring HYIP and autosurf projects

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Added January 16, 2014

Tab Group Bar

A tab bar with tabs representing tab groups. For those who repeatedly switch between tab groups and don't want to open a menu every time.

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239 users
Added January 16, 2014

Undo Closed Tab

adds "Undo Closed Tab" to tab-context-menu.

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45 users
Added January 14, 2014


Toolbar - - Мониторинг HYIP и autosurf проектов

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2 users
Added January 13, 2014

Suggest Search Box No Restart

Suggest Search Box is a browser addon that helps you search keywords easily.

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93 users
Added January 10, 2014

Double Click Add New Tab No Restart

Double click on a tab adds a new tab near the current.

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33 users
Added January 10, 2014

New Tab Image

Add an Image for New Tab.

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190 users
Added January 8, 2014