AnyPerk Extension

This extension provides a helpful reminder whenever you browse to a site that has perks on AnyPerk. Follow the link directly, login to your account, and redeem the perk first before buying!

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Added September 14, 2016

Amazon 1-Click Blocker

Avoid accidental purchase by replacing 1-Click button on Amazon

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Added September 13, 2016

Remember-To-Save Value saver

Saving reminders that informs users that they could save money on targeted websites by using the Remember-to-save service

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Added September 12, 2016

Steam Context Menu

Search Steam using the context menu

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Added September 10, 2016

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget

Amazon FBA Calculator Widget. Support
Amazon の商品ページでアイコンをクリックすると、商品・単価が設定された状態で FBA 料金シミュレータページが開きます。

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Added September 6, 2016

Loan Monthly Addon

A basic addon that calculates the loan monthly value, including interests.

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Added September 2, 2016

Zillow Lot Size Filter

Extends the lot size filter options to include larger acreages on

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Added September 1, 2016

Smile Helper

Helps to not forget to turn on Amazon Smile

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Added August 29, 2016

KickBack fra Santander knappen

KickBack fra Santander gir deg penger tilbake på din netthandel i over 250 butikker i Norge og utland.

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Added August 26, 2016

Price Advisor

By comparing prices from various e-shops(like amazon,ebay,walmart...) you will find best price for your desired product.

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Added August 20, 2016


Verifica se o site de compra é parceiro Welight.

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Added August 18, 2016

AliExpress — качественные товары из Китая

Интернет-магазин AliExpress на русском языке. Качественные товары от розничных и оптовых продавцов из Китая.

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Added August 17, 2016

Ninjaly Requires Restart

Ninjaly simplifies your online shopping experience by identifying where to use coupons or cashback for bigger savings. Over 4,500 retailers covered!

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Added August 17, 2016

WeGreen Shopping Add-on

Zeigt dir, ob Produkte fair und umweltfreundlich sind. Funktioniert in mehr als 20 Onlineshops und Vergleichswebseiten, wie z.B. Amazon, Idealo, Otto oder Zalando.

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Added August 13, 2016

Daz-Deals Deals Shopping Helper

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78 users
Added August 12, 2016


Find everything instantly on your favourite sites.

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Added August 11, 2016

Hốt Giá Tốt!

Tổng hợp deals tốt và mã giảm giá ngon của các website TMĐT hàng đầu Việt Nam

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Added August 11, 2016

160by2 Compare: Best Prices, Deals & Coupons

Compare Prices, get the best deals and apply the right coupons across websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay and more, all in real time!

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Added August 10, 2016


Advanced Store Search

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Added August 9, 2016

Nectar Browser Add-on

Nectar browser add-on helps you collect Nectar points on web searches and your purchases.

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Added August 9, 2016