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PubKeyPin allows you to pin Public Keys per Hostname. PubKeyPin can keep track of Public Keys and give visual feedback, if an unpinned key is used by the server.

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Monitorito Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension creates a real-time visualisation of your browsing activityMonitorito is an extension capturing and visualising all the requests being made by the browser. Users can see a graph of all the domains they have accessed via requests, along

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ProdTime - PlugIn Compatible with Firefox 57+

Esta extensão informar dados necessários no título da aba do Browser, possibilitando Integração com o Produto ProdTime da LAMF Sistemas.
Por exemplo: caminho completo do google drive no título da janela.

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Disable IndexedDB

Disables IndexedDB consistently.

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polrff Compatible with Firefox 57+

Shorten URLs with Polr

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Logincat addon corp addon is part of a Cloud Security application which will secure various Internet applications like Email, Social Networks etc. for our end users.

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Bhaskar-unblock Compatible with Firefox 57+

Allow to read news on Dainik Bhaskar without disabling adblocker or moving out of private browsing.

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SzNoJS ermöglicht den Zugang zu mit deaktiviertem JavaScript.

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Kick Facebook Suggested Posts Compatible with Firefox 57+

The extension remove every suggested posts from your Facebook main page.

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History Zebra Compatible with Firefox 57+

Cleans your history by removing visits from a list of domains you provide as either a whitelist or a blacklist. So it's black and white, like a Zebra.

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Simple Blocker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Block URLs with regular expression

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mediandocon extension

plugin para compartir la pantalla en las videconferencias de mediandocon

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Доступ к LinkedIn Compatible with Firefox 57+

Надежный доступ к для граждан РФ

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URL Tracking Protector - G/R Compatible with Firefox 57+

Protects your privacy by removing URL tracking from Reddit links and Google search results.

Credits: Addon contains open scripts written by Redditor OperaSona and dindog from

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Feel-the-Link Compatible with Firefox 57+

You can get the preview images from the (still unopened) link you are interested in. This add-on prevents new URL loading and provides previews about clicked URLs using images. Cannot read xml or json content.

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Who Targets Me Compatible with Firefox 57+

Keep track of how political organisations target you for adverts on social media. You'll also be anonymously helping an international research project to understand how elections are affected by social media advertising.

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Swobbl Compatible with Firefox 57+

Swobbl is the secure search engine for Europe.
With Swobbl, you can search the Internet without filter bubbles and without data collection on our part.
Swobbl, the alternative for privacy.

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UACH SEGA Average Compatible with Firefox 57+

Calcula el promedio de un estudiante en UACH SEGA Kardex

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Quickbit is an instant and secure Bitcoin wallet which helps you manage your Bitcoin transactions.

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Icecream Password Manager Compatible with Firefox 57+

Firefox Plugin for Icecream Password Manager helps you to protect and manage your logins and passwords, credit cards, identities, bank accounts, secure notes and more. Plugin will help you to automatically log in and fill-in the forms online.

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