Privacy & Security


Brutfox Requires Restart

Brute-force attacks on GET or POST forms

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Added October 2, 2013


Sample App for import certificate in Firefox(android version)
Application permettant d'importer un certificat utilisateur dans le Keystore de Firefox.
Recommandé pour la version Android

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Added October 1, 2013

AutocompleteAnywhere (Beta)

This addon gives users the option to allow Firefox to remember their login information on forms which try to prevent this functionality. Just click the open padlock in your addons bar to allow Firefox to remember a particular form.

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Added September 29, 2013


Randomail is a free disposable e-mail service. You can easily generate redirections. We forward each mail to your real mailbox. Now it's up to you to choose e-mails you want to receive or not.

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Added September 28, 2013

Public IP Display

Displays your public IP address using an IP checker of your choice. Re-checks periodically and alerts you of changes. Also re-checks when global proxy setting is changed.

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Added September 27, 2013


RTBwatcher allows the discovery of a monetary (Click-per-mille basis) values paid by advertisers for the displaying of an ad, and for the private data. More information here:

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Added September 23, 2013

Dr.Web scan link

Scansiona i link con Dr.Web
Scan with Dr.Web links

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Added September 20, 2013

Scan Url with

Scansiona link con
Scan link with

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706 users
Added September 20, 2013

Virus Total Scan Url

Premendo sul relativo pulsante si effettua la scansione dell'URL con Virus Total ottenendo un report virus di oltre 46 antivirus

En appuyant sur le bouton correspondant scanne l'URL avec Virus Total obtenir un rapport de plus de 46 virus antivirus

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907 users
Added September 18, 2013


Flagger is a browser add-on that automatically puts red flag keywords (like bomb, Taliban and anthrax) into the web addresses you visit. Install Flagger to make a statement: government surveillance has gone too far.

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Added September 17, 2013

Private Browsing Proxy

Automatically switches to the specified proxy type or configuration profile when entering Private Browsing. Reverts to previous setting when all PB windows are closed.

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Added September 17, 2013

MS Password Generator

Create a unique password for each site and service.

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Added September 15, 2013

Disconnect Requires Restart Featured

Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.

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281,105 users
Added September 14, 2013

Access Panel Extension

Access Panel Extension

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2,020 users
Added September 10, 2013 Root Certificate Importer

Adds the root CA to the Firefox trusted root certificate store

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Added September 8, 2013

FB Scam Detector

Facebook Scam Detector prevents Facebook users from being a victim of scam messages.

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Added August 30, 2013

fri-Gate - Russian censorship circumvention tool Requires Restart

Tool to circumvent silly Russian political censure. Thanx to developers of opera add-on. Everything needed to write this add-on has been taken from opera one. Too bad developers was not collaborative and ignored all e-mails.

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Added August 28, 2013

Pure URL

Removes garbage like "utm_source" from URLs

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Added August 28, 2013

Fastest Webproxy

We replace your IP! Just click on the icon and surf!

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Added August 26, 2013


Lets you decide if you want to autocomplete or not

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Added August 24, 2013