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Post To Tumblr

Post To Tumblr, right click any image to post to Tumblr.
Please note it will post the referral tracking too by default, so the content author will be linked in your post description. This works with Instagram images. Vimeo videos basic support.

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One Direction Tribute New Tab

A high-res One Direction image on your new tab! Equipped with web search and new tab features

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SearchVoyage NewTab

SearchVoyage Search

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Онлайн Радио в твоём браузере

Ни каких плагинов Flash! Всё с помощью технологий HTML5 Audio.
Больше не нужны антенны, радиоприемники и кабеля. Теперь радио можно слушать онлайн c помощью данного расширения! Просто, удобно, сделав всего пару кликов...

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Suicide Squad Tribute New Tab

*A high-res new tab experience for fans of Suicide Squad
*Simple, highly visual layout, removing tiles from view
*Direct, convenient web search and features from a New Tab page

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IGHelper: download Instagram pic & vids Compatible with Firefox 57+

Easily download Instagram pictures and videos.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (3)
351 users (Odyssey Radio) Compatible with Firefox 57+

Anime/Japanese Radio powered by Odyssey Radio!

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Screen Capturing

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support for pages.

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Easylife Screen Broadcast

Share an application window or an entire screen and broadcast live to a public or private audience at

Easylife is a broadcasting platform that connects to social media sites or other users from entirely within the browser

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Speedy Google Play Music Compatible with Firefox 57+

A Firefox add-on that makes Google Play Music faster and better.

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豆瓣相册自动翻页 Compatible with Firefox 57+


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Telegram Web Messenger

Telegram Web Messenger brings Telegram right into your Firefox Sidebar.

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Watch with Peerflix

Watch torrents using Peerflix, streaming torrent client. External program ( is required for this addon to work, you should install it using npm. Please specify Peerflix and NodeJS locations in the addon settings.

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Voitto FastLearning - For Firefox Compatible with Firefox 57+

Controle a velocidade de seu vídeo e aprenda 2x mais rápido.

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add-on for screen sharing

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Coachforce Screen-sharing extension

Screen-share extension for Coachforce

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HeavyBuzz Compatible with Firefox 57+

Share any webpage using the Heavybuzz crowd-sharing platform that pays and rewards users for sharing anything that matters to them.

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Download with youtube-dl

Pass the URL of the open tab to youtube-dl.
Refer to for youtube-dl downloads and usage instructions. You may also want to get FFmpeg from to download Youtube videos in 60 FPS, 1080p and 4K.

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Youtube Ad Auto-skipper Compatible with Firefox 57+

Youtube Ad Skipper is an extension that auto skips ads after youtube provides a skip ad button. It does not block an ad.

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Youtube controller Compatible with Firefox 57+

Control Youtube playlist without visiting the tab.

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