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Multi platoforme player.
Now firgive the unfound track from different music or video site.
Now build your playlist limitless of the music platforme you are using with Music On Browser.

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Added April 15, 2012

Personal Video Commander

The Multimedia as a Service allows a subscriber to receive or send an integrated communication consisting of mixtures of voice, data, image, and video information.

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Added April 15, 2012

YouTube To MP3 Converter - Uscorpion

Convert YouTube to MP3 instantly! This addon will add a button directly above the youtube videos called 'Convert To MP3'. Click the button and the video will be sent to and the conversion process will start right away.

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Added April 14, 2012

ImageStorming image upload is a free images hosting. With this plugin you can easly upload the images on our site with a simple right click!

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Added April 14, 2012

Picup Free image hosting

Free image hosting website with no limits !

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Added April 10, 2012

Libera Link

Remover Protetores de Link de todos os tipos.
Todos metodos de Liberação em um software livre e sem propaganda

Libera Link - Seja Livre outra Vez

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Added April 10, 2012

MediaPin Pinning add-ons

Pin photos on MediaPin. Pin Youtube videos on MediaPin. Share URL on Mediapin
Right click on photos or videos(Youtube only) and select Add Photo on Mediapin option. You will get Add Mediapin pop up for adding Photo on mediapin.

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Added April 8, 2012


To Picsma your pictures !

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Added April 6, 2012

Image GOku Image Viewer

Image GOku helps you browse through numbered sets of images on most websites. Right click any image on and select "Image GOku Search". Image GOku will locate other images that are part of a set, and display them all in a new tab.

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Added March 31, 2012

Net Radio No Restart

Listen to Serbian radio stations over the internet stream directly in your browser.

Slušajte radio stanice preko internet streama direktno u browseru.

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Added March 31, 2012

Facebook Toolbar Button No Restart

Facebook Toolbar Button lets you visit your Favorite Facebook quickly and easily by adding a special Facebook Button to your Toolbar.

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Added March 30, 2012

resumeLater No Restart

resumeLater lets you bookmark videos on Youtube and saves your current position. It allows you to resume playback at that position.

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Added March 29, 2012


孔雀帮你复制、发现网络上你喜欢的事物。 极易上手,玩味无限。

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Added March 28, 2012

Yandex Music Downloader

Загрузка MP3 файлов с сервиса Yandex.Музыка

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Added March 23, 2012

YouTube Unblocker No Restart Featured

Watch blocked YouTube videos – YouTube proxy-server, only if needed!

✓ free unblocking of YouTube videos /-search
✓ unblock embedded videos (e.g. Facebook)
✓ unblocking via proxy (no VPN)
✓ fast unblocking + fast streaming (HD)
✓ totally legal

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Added March 23, 2012

Filename2Caption for Picasa Web Albums No Restart

For your existing Picasa Web Albums, semi-automatically fill in the captions with the file names of your photos. Despite being semi-automatic, it's 10-fold+ faster than doing it manually for most people.

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Added March 22, 2012

Skiplimites - Contourner les liens pubs

Contourner les links breakers: linkbucks,, ...

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Added March 22, 2012 Image Uploader

Upload your images to easy and fast, with just a simple right click!

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Added March 21, 2012

SilveOS Firefox addon - Silverlight operating system. It is a website that simulates an operating system inside web browser. You can launch applications right away without installation and it will be executed in draggable and resizable windows.

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Added March 17, 2012

My Soha Screen Capture

Tiện ích chụp màn hinh và chia sẻ nhanh lên MySoha.

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Added March 16, 2012