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SuperWideZoom Compatible with Firefox 57+

Make 21:9 Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime & HTML5 video fill a 21:9 display, removing the double letterbox effect.

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50 users
Added June 11, 2017

Tronus FM Compatible with Firefox 57+

Player da Tronus FM

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4 users
Added June 10, 2017

pCloud Save Compatible with Firefox 57+

Save your favorite web images, videos, text and more to pCloud - up to 20 GB free storage.
★ Save web content through the right-click context menu
★ Select multiple images and save them at once
★ Mark articles, paragraphs and other types of text

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521 users
Added June 9, 2017

YouTube UHD Compatible with Firefox 57+

Discover a completely new world with UHD Content from YouTube! This extensions apply to each search term the 4K filter so you only see UHD Content.

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153 users
Added June 3, 2017

YouTubeNotifications Compatible with Firefox 57+

Shows YouTube notifications in the toolbar.

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58 users
Added June 3, 2017

Display inline Compatible with Firefox 57+

Change the Content-Type and Content-Disposition headers to force images and pdf documents to open in the browser window.

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99 users
Added June 2, 2017

Niconico Downloader Compatible with Firefox 57+


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206 users
Added May 31, 2017

Custom Loop Compatible with Firefox 57+

Loop portions of html5/webm/other videos and audio

e.g. loop a 1minute video from 00:05 to 00:15.

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22 users
Added May 30, 2017

Rádio Filhos da Imaculada Compatible with Firefox 57+

Rádio Filhos da Imaculada / Uma Obra de Evangelização.

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16 users
Added May 29, 2017

EasyLoad Compatible with Firefox 57+

With EasyLoad, you can download video or audio from any site – simply provide us the link and we'll do the rest! Thousands of sites are supported, so what are you waiting for?

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110 users
Added May 26, 2017

Copyfish Compatible with Firefox 57+

Do you need to extract text from images, videos or PDF? If yes, then the Copyfish free OCR software is for you. Until now, your only option was to retype the text. Copyfish is soooo much faster and more fun.

Rated 3 out of 5 stars (9)
2,070 users
Added May 26, 2017

Media Reload Compatible with Firefox 57+

Refresh video and audio.
2 options: -Context menu
-Hold control, or another key of choice, and seek video/audio to reset its buffer.

Mac users should probably rebind the key in the preferences.

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Added May 25, 2017 Downloader Compatible with Firefox 57+

Dodatek ułatwiający pobieranie filmów z polskiego serwisu Plugin dodaje przycisk pod odtwarzaczem wideo umożliwiający ściągnięcie oglądanego wideo.

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112 users
Added May 24, 2017

Скачать музыку с Вконтакте ( Compatible with Firefox 57+

Добавляет возможность скачивать любые аудиозаписи с ВКонтакте/ сохраняя правильные названия файлов. Есть возможность скачивать аудиозаписи целыми альбомами. Так же отображается размер файла и битрейт (настраивается в расширении)

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847 users
Added May 24, 2017

Facebook Spotifier Compatible with Firefox 57+

Плагин, позволяющий в удобном формате прослушивать музыку из вашего аккаунта Spotify в Facebook. Пятая бета-версия.

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58 users
Added May 22, 2017

HospedandoRadios Compatible with Firefox 57+

Player da HospedandoRadios

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36 users
Added May 18, 2017

Facebook Video Downloader Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension adds a button to download every Facebook Video.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (77)
11,908 users
Added May 14, 2017

Web Player for Spotify™ Compatible with Firefox 57+

Wrapper window for Spotify's web-player with easy access toggle, next and previous buttons

Not yet rated
214 users
Added May 9, 2017

Audio Sleuth Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds extra playback controls to a Youtube video. features include: set start time, set stop time, use delay before play, fine grain speed, loop, and jump to. It is intended to give musicians some audio sleuthing tools for learning songs by ear.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (1)
46 users
Added May 7, 2017

Youku HTML5 Player Compatible with Firefox 57+

Farewell to flash and ads.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (16)
1,327 users
Added May 5, 2017