Let Me Google That For You Addon

Select, generate & share lmgtfy links.

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52 users


Add a 30-second delay when loading certain time-wasting websites.

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42 users


Calcule la letra del DNI o NIE español

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28 users

LGWORKS toolbar Requires Restart

LGWORKS toolbar allows searching the lgworks website using a...

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Lichess Berserker Compatible with Firefox 57+

Lichess berserker for popular chess website lichess.org
It adds a toggle button that enables auto-berserking

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3 users

Lighter Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds a button to open current page with Google's Web Light proxy.
You can also use Alt+Z shortcut key.

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Like Viewer

Véget vetünk a Like vadász oldalak képeket elrejtő hülyeségének! Lásd azt a képet, amiért az oldalra érkeztél!

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124 users

LILIANA Linking Requires Restart

Links the selected text to the relevant Statistics Explained articles

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Limanowa Live Requires Restart

Limanowa Live jest aplikacja umożliwiająca szybki podgląd na to co się dzieje na rynku w Limanowej.

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Lindsay Extension

Lindsay Extension Live

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Link cuter (Сокращатель ссылок) Requires Restart

Сокращение ссылок на посещаемые страницы с помощью сервиса коротких ссылок lcut.us (Link cuter).

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22 users

Link Detector Compatible with Firefox 57+

Link Detector checks for legal citations to EU legislation and case law and establishes links to EuroCases online database

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71 users

Link from Plain Text

Easy way to use plain text as a link. Using either context-menu or hotkeys

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44 users

Link Gopher Requires Restart

Extracts all links from web page, sorts them, removes duplicates, and displays them in a new tab for inspection or copy and paste into other systems.

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12,104 users

Link Pager Requires Restart

Go to next/previous page using 'rel' attribute.

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46 users

Link rel prev Compatible with Firefox 57+

Show button for link rel=prev

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Link Stunner Requires Restart

Converts links to plain text for selection with only two clicks. And restores them with a double-lick.

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40 users

Link to Travis Lite

Add a URL on a travis-ci.org page to link to the travis-lite.com for the same page.

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Link Visitor 3

This add-on provides the ability to add single or multiple links to the browser history, making them appear visited, without having to actually visit them. It also allows them to be removed from the history.

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1,080 users

Link Widgets Requires Restart

Eases navigation within sequences of pages (e.g. Web comics, forums, or technical specifications such as the HTML 4 Recommendation) by providing toolbar buttons for the first, previous, next, and last page. Also includes buttons to move up a level...

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (48)
860 users