Manage your draugiem.lv user accounts.

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You don't have to find the small [1][2][3]... or 'Next' button any more. Go to next page or prev thread smartly by one wheel.

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Qype Nice

The Qype site closes (as far as I know) October/November 2013. Also the API is discontinued. Therefore this add-on will then loose its functionality und will be deleted soon.

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View code with syntax highlighting!

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Noojee Click for Asterisk

Turns phone numbers in any web page into 'click to dial' links.
With Noojee Click and Asterisk you can dial any phone number on a web page with a single click.
Noojee Click for Chrome is now available; download it at: http://bit.ly/hCwfOF

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Foxy URL

Shorten long urls right from your favorite browser.

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Pardus Copilot

Pardus MMORPG Trading Tool

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Listen to the Holy Quran

Listen To The Holy Quran From tvQuran.com

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Click Statistics

Creates statistics about the clicks of the user.

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Меню для быстрого доступа к HWM-форумам

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Makes the whole internets grey with plain fonts.

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KaiRo.at Mandelbrot

Mandelbrot browser, based on high school final thesis work of Robert Kaiser, but completely rewritten

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EazyPaper Zotero integration

Integrates Zotero's database into EazyPaper, a Microsort Word addin that formats your entire AMA, APA, MLA, or Turabian / Chicago Manual of Style paper and references in seconds.

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Use Standard ML (PolyML) as a clientside programming language.

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Ein Addon Builder Addon

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GuifiProxy Infocentre Santa Bàrbara

Facilitates the use of proxies allows switching between them with two clicks, import i export lists, edit, add and delete manually, automatic authentication and exception address

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Sum it Up

Sums up all the numeric values found in a HTML table column.

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Netwalk No Restart

Decentralized peer-to-peer network

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Fork of Shaun Inman 'CSS Selectors as Fragment Identifiers' implementation

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AWSCLic Skipper

Ce module ouvre automatiquement les liens créés par AwsClic, wslinx et lienscash sans temps d'attente.

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