Расширение позволяет пользователям сайта photosight.ru быстро получать информацию о новых поступлениях на сайте, и состоянии их профиля.

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Check multiple checkboxes with ease by drawing a box around them to automatically select them all.

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Travian Report Helper

Travian Report Helper automates the creation of battle reports at travian-reports.net. Just go to the Travian report, select a report type and a new tab is automatically opened at the final report page.

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E-vizio.com Forum Jump Menu

Get faster subforums at E-vizio.com

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Shorten links to Amazon.com, Endless.com & Target.com products

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number generator

random numbers generator for lottery.6/49,5+1.

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Google page rank checker.Mouse over on link and check Google page rank.

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Install Extension

Install Extension with two clicks.

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Zippy Extension Packager No Restart

Creates XPI files of extensions you have installed.

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A lightweight roguelike game to waste some time.

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EZ Drag-n-Drop

Allow drag-n-drop in file input element

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Local file access proxy for JavaScript-based web applications running on Firefox.

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Facebook Chat Tapuz Emoticons

Enable the use of Tapuz Anashim's emoticons on Facebook chat and align Hebrew messages to the right

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An extension for users of the JAWS screen reader that fixes incompatibilities when using it with Firefox to view HTML5 web pages.

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My CopyFixer

A simple copy fixer, base on Copy Fixer (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/230354/)
Use Ctrl+C when nothing selected to copy page title and url in various format (template base).

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Rapido accesso alle sezioni del forum di GamesVillage.

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Link Pager

Go to next/previous page using 'rel' attribute.

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App Button Close No Restart

Double click the Firefox Button to close the window.

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Comic Sans Remover

Removes Comic Sans MS from webpages

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calc-zh No Restart

为Firefox 4.0添加计算器的功能。

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