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Comment on any website

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Finds existing RSS live stream subscriptions and lists them with the option to "Open All In Tabs" (functionality lost in FF13). Requires: Tools>Options>Applications>Web Feed = "Preview in Firefox". (Previous revision broke with FF16)

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Open in Reader View

Easily access to the reader-view from right click context menu

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Open Wiki Edit Page

Right-click a Mediawiki-style link (as used at Wikipedia) to be able to go directly to its edit page.

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OpenLink Data Explorer Requires Restart

A tool for generating structured descriptor documents for HTTP accessible resources. HTML+RDFa based Linked Data is the default Descriptor Document format. Other formats are available via page hosted links or content negotiation.

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OpenStreetMap View

The unofficial OpenStreetMap extension.

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OpenURL Referrer Requires Restart

Converts bibliographic citations to URLs. Compatible with Google Scholar, Google News Archive, and any site containing COinS

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Current weather and forecasts in your city

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Oplao weather

National And Global Weather Forecast. Firefox status bar icon. Extension contains current weather, detailed forecast, 7 day forecast, fast locations buttons. Oplao.com firefox official weather extension.

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OPML Reader Requires Restart

Open a Feed Reader for any OPML Autodiscovery enabled page. You can choose between Optimal OPML browser and...

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Organize Your Internet With Ease

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Oregon Athletics New Tab

New tab experience for fans of the Oregon Ducks and Puddles!

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Orkut Helper Requires Restart

Orkut Helper is a small extension for your Mozilla Firefox browser that will make your stay on orkut much more pleasant add a lot of useful and interesting features into the website's interface.

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Otras miradas Requires Restart

Provee otras miradas sobre la realidad que la que te dan los medios en Argentina.

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Our NPIC for Firefox

Our NPIC 國立屏東商業技術學院校園資訊非官方聚合平台 [Firefox插件]

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Outlook Button Requires Restart

A Outlook Button You Can Stick On Your Navigation Toolbar, Bookmarks Toolbar, Or Menu Bar.

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Outlook Notifier

Display how many unread messages you have in your outlook webmail

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OZ Bargain Hunter Requires Restart

Get instant updates on the latest deals, coupons, vouchers and freebies from ozbargain.com.au brought to you by vibesdesign.com.au

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Page to Panel

See your desired website (mobile view) in the toolbar Panel

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