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Bitcoin Ticker Plus No Restart

Bitcoin Ticker Plus Wallet Watcher, Currency Converter and QR Code Generator.

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Extension for ekcko.com.

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Miiverse activity No Restart

This addon removes the empathy activity in the activity in Miiverse. For Mozilla Firefox 21 or a higher version.

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University of Arkansas Razorbacks Theme No Restart

Get the Razorbacks browser theme! The only official theme for the University of Arkansas athletics, and it features: The Razorbacks spirit and style Breaking news from all sports Social connections with Facebook and Twitter Try it today!

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Kurdistan Toolbar (ostan-kd.ir)

تولبار اختصاصی استانداری کردستان

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GGFirewall No Restart

Redirect anti-GG sites to archive.today
View source at http://gitgud.net/Mutt/ggfirewall

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India Infoline - IIFL No Restart

BSE/NSE, India Stock Market Recommendations, Live Stock Markets, Sensex/Nifty, Commodity Market, Financial News, Mutual Funds in a popup widget.
Get all the Latest Market updates with a single click.

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RunnersConnect Unit Converter No Restart

For members of runnersconnect.net, this add-on will display distance and pace units in the same units your workouts are displayed in.

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GLUG-DSCE No Restart

A add-on which directs you to the GLUG-DSCE website.

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Tumblr Hi-Res No Restart

Simple add-on to allow the loading of smaller tumblr images into a better resolution when accessing them on a tab.

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Adsense Notifier

Displays your Adsense earnings on the...

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Page Update Checker

Tired of clicking the reload button?...

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Live Writerfox

Blog it from Windows Live Writer. ...

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NowPublic - Highlight

Highlight anything on the web you think is newsworthy and connect to eye witnesses at the scene of the story.

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Fleck - Save the best of the Web

Fleck allows you to bookmark websites including your own sticky notes on top of them. Save the best of the web. Work in groups and start building your collective knowledge base together.
Search through all your favorite websites and those of your fri...

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Navigation menu for the ACUM weekly magazine - www.acum.tv

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RSSify the Web!

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DZone Voting

Dramatically simplifies voting at DZone. Provides an unobtrusive voting widget on any link you visit from DZone.

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Show RSS/Atom headlines on toolbar.

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Julianne Hough Official Toolbar and Theme

Julianne Hough Boom includes: links to her site, embedded scrolling news & expandable sidebar w/ exclusive content and video. Note: Yahoo! Search will be set as the default search engine. You can always change your search provider, if needed.

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