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Quran Requires Restart

قرآن کریم Quran in three languege complete way for life

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Added August 26, 2012

Widget Google News Requires Restart

Un petit widget qui va, en cliquant dessus, vous permettre de vous tenir au courant des news de votre langue

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Added August 23, 2012

UdeS connexion automatique Requires Restart

Plus besoin de s'authentifier 2M de fois par jour sur les sites de l'UdeS

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Added August 20, 2012


Get updated news from merdeka.com

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Added August 14, 2012

Shaarli Requires Restart

Cette extension remplace le bookmarklet officiel et intègre un bouton « Shaarli » dans la barre des modules.

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Added August 13, 2012

Tumblr Savior

Tired of iPad posts filling up your dashboard? Hate hearing about an athlete's latest blunders? Tumblr Savior is here to save you!

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19,263 users
Added August 11, 2012


Finds existing RSS live stream subscriptions and lists them with the option to "Open All In Tabs" (functionality lost in FF13). Requires: Tools>Options>Applications>Web Feed = "Preview in Firefox". (Previous revision broke with FF16)

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Added August 4, 2012

noor v.1.0 Requires Restart

احادیث ، اشعار حافظ ، سهراب سپهری در نور

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Added August 2, 2012


ailejt's first version firefix compenent.

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Added August 1, 2012

Foodlve.com Requires Restart

Access to all food articles, tips, facts, recipes, calorie calculator, diet tips and more

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Added July 31, 2012

jci events Requires Restart

This add on will be used to broadcast JCI events being organised around the world. We are volunteers and enjoy community development, and we vould use some help.
So, choose the country you are in and find the events nearby, make a positive change.

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Added July 31, 2012

Akari Link Shortener

Akaza Akari will reduce the presence of your URL.
Using the http://waa.ai API to generate short links. A button is added to the menu bar and options are also added to the context menu.

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Added July 30, 2012

CNET News Requires Restart


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Added July 27, 2012

TwiTango Requires Restart

TwiTango is an easy way to post webpage citations to Twitter

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Added July 25, 2012

Reddit Opener Requires Restart

Opens all current reddit links in new tabs and names them appropriately. Memorizes which links have been shown to you and does not open them again (e.g. when the site changes by upvotes/downvotes, only the new ones are opened up)

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Added July 20, 2012

Newzan Extension Requires Restart

Official extension for newzan.com. With this extension, you can easily submit web pages to Newzan and share with your friends.

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Added July 15, 2012

ScrollUp Requires Restart

Move mouse pointer to the left corner of a page and click the button that will pop-up in order to scroll the page to the very top. After scrolling up you may return back to the position you jumped from by clicking the button again.

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Added July 13, 2012

WebStatData Organic Report Requires Restart

Displays quick Organic Report for any website. This includes, Total Keywords the site has in the TOP50 organic results, Estimated visitors coming from the first 50 search results and Estimated cost of purchasing same number of visitors through Ads.

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Added July 8, 2012

Kotaku Fix: Fox Edition Requires Restart

Restore functional commenting to the world of Gawker's blogs.

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214 users
Added July 8, 2012

Dstocks Requires Restart

Displays stock market indices in the status bar.
Delay of updates on option (default : every 10 mn) or on click.
Right-clic to choose your indice and to see the other ones.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (2)
276 users
Added June 25, 2012