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Addon to inshorts app

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Added December 9, 2016


http://www.mynamid.com is a site where you can collect your favorite links, YouTube videos, SoundCloud sounds etc.

This extension allows you to easily right click on any website/link and add it to your mynamid.

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Added December 3, 2016


Get hashtag stats, wherever you are!

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Added November 30, 2016


Opens a link in Reader mode.
The text extraction used is demo from http://boilerpipe-web.appspot.com

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Added November 27, 2016

pr0gramm ad-remover

removes ads on pr0gramm.com

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Added November 24, 2016


Gromadź interesujące oferty pracy w jednym miejscu.

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Added November 21, 2016


Shorten links on the fly

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Added November 15, 2016

Quick Update Checker for Hacker News

Need a more efficient way to check updates on Hacker News ? See the latest posts on Hacker News with a simple click. Navigate through comments, open posts in a new tab.

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Added November 12, 2016

SPON - Minus

SPON plus for free

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Added November 11, 2016

Make HS.fi great again!

Make HS.fi great again!

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Added November 8, 2016

Engage.Social Extension

Social Share

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Added November 8, 2016


Une extension pour connaitre le nombre de notifications et de MP de ZesteDeSavoir sans avoir besoin d'ouvrir le site

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Added November 6, 2016

SPON+ (spiegel online)

Dieses Add-On dient zu Demonstrationszwecken und ermöglicht den freien Zugang zu Spiegel-Online-Plus Artikel.
Die Artikel unter http://www.spiegel.de/spiegelplus/ werden automatisch sichtbar gemacht, wenn Sie auf die entsprechenden Artikel clicken

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Added November 5, 2016

Remove blur on TJournal

Removes blur filter on TJournal.ru when using adblock extensions

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Added November 3, 2016

Stowr – Samla alla recept

Spara recept direkt från Firefox till Stowr. Stowr är en digital tjänst som hjälper dig att samla och organisera dina recept, var du än hittar dem! Det är smidigt och vi hoppas att du kommer uppskatta och ofta använda dig av Stowr.

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Added November 2, 2016


蒐集以下縣市所公告之違法記錄:臺北市、 桃園市、 臺中市、 臺南市、 高雄市、 彰化縣、 宜蘭縣、 澎湖縣、 中科園區。

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Added October 31, 2016

Emoji Plus

Insert emojis from the context menu.

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Added October 29, 2016

Hacker News Visual Rank

Visually emphasize stories on HN by changing font size according to the number of points (upvotes) and comments

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Added October 23, 2016

Bookmarks Manager and Viewer

An elegant bookmarks manager with fuzzy search and more

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Added October 23, 2016

Facebook News Feed Filter

Remove 'Suggested' and 'Sponsored' posts from Facebook news feed

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Added October 20, 2016