TwitThat Requires Restart

Post current page to twitter via

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63 users

FASQu Bar Requires Restart


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TonidoFox Requires Restart

Firefox extension for Tonido - Manage torrent downloads, Save pages and bookmarks to read later with just one click & monitor Tonido personal server from anywhere

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Quick Search Requires Restart

The Addon provides two convenient ways to use popular search engines: google, bing, yahoo, amazon, ebay, twitter, youtube, etc.
In address bar, type one letter and keywords to search. e.g.
g laptop
a kindle

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86 users

BookerFox Requires Restart

This add-on is designed to make repetitive web browsing tasks for book sellers a little easier. Includes shortcuts to order pages, a partial refund calculator, UPS/USPS tracking shortcut, and a tool for looking up listings by listing ID.

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MKB Read Now! Requires Restart

Randomly fetches & displays recommended Arabic web pages using web services

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Bookmarks Toolbar Restyled Requires Restart

Visually restyles and compacts the bookmarks in a less clustered way.

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247 users

U2M URL Shortener Requires Restart

Shorten URLs with URL shortening service

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Grepolis Toolbar Requires Restart

Toolbar that aids in the administration of yours empire. Have a faster view of your reports,city buildings, your message box and alliance.

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Zukmo Requires Restart

Zukmo is a free cloud based tool, for users facing information overload, to store, access and share all their digital content from various sources (web, offline documents, multimedia streams, Facebook, Twitter etc.) in their Personal Digital Library.

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Pinboard Quick Bookmark Button Requires Restart

Adds a button that will allow you to quickly save a link to

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My Bookmarks Requires Restart

Submit to easily with a right mouse click.

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Sitebar Client for Firefox 4.0.x Requires Restart

A SiteBar client that looks like a sidebar.
This version is for the 4.0.x series of Firefox.

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82 users

ImageShack Fix 0.2 Requires Restart

Corrigir links diretos do imageshack que necessita de login para ser vistos.

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16 users

Site to Phone

Send links from your desktop and laptop to your smart phone and tablet.

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80 users

Ryebox Bookmarks Requires Restart

Use your Ryebox bookmarks in Firefox!

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Socializer! for Firefox Requires Restart

A nice button to let you share any page on (more than 30) top social networks, Google plus, eMail, or translate it in any language supported by Google, even get automatically html (href) links to use for references in your own blog or web site.

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好网角网络收藏夹-网络书签 Requires Restart


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NexusPad Bookmark

A Firefox add-on that helps saving your bookmark to NexusPad in one click.

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55 users

prithvionline Requires Restart

Prithvi Online Services Pvt Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 certified web development company.

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