Invert Colors

A simple FireFox add-on that inverts the web page colors to make pages easier to read in darker settings.

Github repo:

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975 users

Humanity Extras

Additional customizations for the Firefox Theme with Humanity Icons.

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Flashback plus

This extension for Firefox does several things when surfing the forum. It does:
1. Remove most ads.
2. Resize the whole forum 'box'
3. Handles links, removes "are you sure"
4. Plays YouTube videos right on site.

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17 users

FB blocker

When you visit Facebook, it will open another website.

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Query Bench

This Browser Add-on assists you to organize and use Query Parameters for your favorite Search Engines. The Query Parameters defined once, according the rules of the Search Engine, can be use in a very comfortable way.

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24 users

InfTech Work Helper Requires Restart

Parse a csv file and fills it into moses.

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18 users

Change Profile's Window Icons To Aurora Requires Restart

Changes the icon used for the profile's Firefox windows to the Aurora icon. This add-on can be used to visually differentiate profiles.

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62 users


Tiny browser window resizer.

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Hacker News Comment Collapse

Adds a collapse/expand button to comments on Hacker News.

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38 users

Toggle Images And JS

Adds buttons to the Toolbar that toggle Images and Javascript loading

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22 users

Search via URL

Creates context menu items for quick searching of selected text via configurable URL's.

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20 users

PJe Style - Atletico Mineiro

Muda o tema do PJe para do Clube Atlético Mineiro

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9 users

Smooth East Asian Fonts

Tells Firefox to use smoother fonts for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

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80 users

Scroll Position Highlight

Highlights previous scroll position

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40 users

Rainbow Persona

Colorful Firefox

Rated 1 out of 5 stars (1)
61 users

Hide YouTube fullscreen controls

Hides the YouTube fullscreen controls when moving the mouse to the left border.

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94 users

University of Georgia New Tab

Customize your New Tab page and enjoy U of Georgia wallpaper images and links on every New Tab! Perfect for Bulldogs fans!

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Date Today

The best clock to see in one glance the current day and time. With an option to see the digital clock in the browser toolbar.

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131 users

Explain and Send Screenshots

Capture a webpage, write text and arrows and share it quickly.

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436 users

Penn State University New Tab

Customize your New Tab page and enjoy University of Penn State images and links on every New Tab! Perfect for Nittany Lions fans!

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