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FlipTextChat No Restart

It converts the text entered to upside and reverse which can be copied and pasted anywhere (say chat box)...Only lower case alphabets are flipped and if upper case alphabets are entered they are converted to lower case and flipped.

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FireAlert for Jira

- FireAlert for Jira - and you have always an overview about your jira instances and your projects. FireAlert is a notification extension for jira. You see all your jira search results in the toolbar.

* Jira is a trademark by Atlassian Pty Ltd

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Bell of Mindfulness No Restart

A bell that reminds us to breathe and be mindful of our body and mind.

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Stock Market Quotes

Live stock market quotes ticker and monitor.

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How strong is your HTTPS connection? SSleuth ranks an established SSL connection and provides a brief analysis of the cipher suite used, certificate and other SSL/TLS parameters.

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Subscribe to feed No Restart

Let Firefox notify you when a new post is published. Even when you're away from this website.

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kukuluLIVE Notification for Firefox No Restart

無料配信サイト kukuluLIVE で始まった新しい放送をポップアップやサウンドでお知らせします。

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Metroid Ultimate Sidebar

Calculate your point change in mph or find out your rank and get on the front page of! Just add the toolbar icon to a toolbar or open the bar using...

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PageAddict is a Firefox extension that will help you monitor your Internet addiction. Once you install it, choose PageAddict from the Tools menu to display a summary of the time you've wasted on each web site for this day, and a graph of your web...

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gTalk Sidebar

Don't have time to install Gtalk? Want a simple solution? Then try using gTalk from your sidebar!

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231 users

WebSitePulse Current Status

The WebSitePulse Current Status extension provides an easy way to keep an eye in real-time on the status of your servers, websites and web applications when you are using the WebSitePulse monitoring service. The extension comes with two components: ...

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Latest hot news headlines in your toolbar

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Kongregate Sidebar

Easily access your Kongregate through the Firefox sidebar.

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Twitter ToolBar

Post Tweets using this easy to use Twitter Toolbar. This toolbar is a must if you like to tweet the same message more than once on Twitter. Menu offers links to important Twitter pages, replies to you, and its search page.

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Fire Eagle Updater

Fire Eagle helps you take your location to sites and services around the web. With one click from your browser toolbar, the Fire Eagle Updater Add-on updates your location on all your favorite Fire Eagle-enabled sites.

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ExpressionEngine Detector

Detects ExpressionEngine powered sites.

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Rapidshare Remote-Upload Helper

Script, what transforms the killjob-link on into preselected checkboxes including submit-button.

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Garitas BC

An easy way to view Baja California, Mexico International Border (Garitas) information in your status bar.

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Zeigt in der Statusleiste an, ob man auf eingeloggt ist. Wenn ja, werden Informationen über neue Gästebucheinträge, Nachrichten oder Statusmeldungen, sowie online Freunde angezeigt.

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The Official eMusic Toolbar

The official eMusic Firefox add-on integrates your eMusic experience into Firefox; with free music downloads updated daily, Pandora radio integration, eMusic’s genres, PowerCharts, Dozens as well as one click access to your eMusic account.

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