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Simple Checker for Gmail™ No Restart

Get badge notification when you receive a new email in your inbox

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Ouro Hoje No Restart

Veja a cotação da grama do ouro através do

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Inbox™ Notifications No Restart

Adds desktop notifications and unread count in title of Google Inbox.

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78 users

Billiechou No Restart

Impossible de louper mes lives avec ça !

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Daoc Community Navigator

Navigare in Dark Age of Camelot Community...

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Antivir's Latest IVDF (Virus Definitions File) Version Number

This extension will display Antivir's latest virus definition's version number(as per the website) on the status bar.

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9 users

Lineage2 Server Status

Lineage2 Official Server Status,


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Ratio Animé Latino

Your Ratio in Animé Latino!

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MR2 on Air!

Shows the song's name what MR2 Petőfi ( plays on air.

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39 users Notifier

Notifies you when you have a pending game in

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Tooltip Plus

Show tooltips for links and images with URLs, icons, alt text, and long titles.

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72 users

Really Simple Sticky

Really simple sticky is a small extension where you can add notes, reminders directly in your browser. The note is stored localy in your browser. Please give FEEDBACK at my blog

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491 users


This addon fetches the current status of your favorite realm and displays it as a small icon in your status bar at the bottom of your brower window.
Supports US and EU realms.

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3 users

Tom's Gutschein-Melder

Tom's Gutschein-Melder (kostenlos) zeigt automatisch einen Hinweis, wenn Gutscheine für den Online-Shop zur Verfügung stehen, bei dem man gerade stöbert. Die Gutschein-Daten stammen von der Seite "Tom's Gutscheine" (

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Urban3p toolbar

Show karma, rating and new private mails on

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Renren Ad Remover

Remove ads on

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Hard blockers counter No Restart

The addon displays the number of unresolved hard blockers that block Firefox 4 RC.

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13 users

Rasta Player

RastaStacja plugin for Firefox

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Discreet Tab Badge No Restart

Adds a discreet counter badge to your tabs - great for Gmail, Facebook or Twitter notifications. Derived from the original Tab Badge by Geoff Lankow

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56 users