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MyNA Client Profile Manager

Profman.xpi was developed to provide owners and managers with an addon that can store client data locally.

That client data can then be quickly posted to a form within the MyNA online appointment system with two mouse clicks.

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53 users


Firebug Extension for Ruby on Rails

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269 users


an extension that allows users to edit local files with browser-based editors.

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17 users


automatically update douban mail and display new mails on the title bar

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4 users


The Parker Extension allows you to submit links to so much faster.

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7 users


tworzy przydatną funkcję kubabox

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8 users

zoo access

Zoo links drop down menu

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46 users

Google Clutter

Open the top 5 google results with the quick key ctrl-e

The pages open in browser tabs

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63 users


In Trophy Manger, this boils a player down to a simple 1-100 range rating by distilling the player's skills though a weighted filter based on the importance of the skill to the position as per the user guide. Routine and such aren't included.

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95 users

Cover Art Finder No Restart

A simple restartless addon that shows cover art in your MP3/FLAC/WAV folders and provides an easy way of retrieving missing artwork.

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80 users

MuStat - Website Analysis Tool

MuStat is a free website analysis & information tool that allows you to know how much any website is worth, how many visitors it gets per day and how performant it is. Powered by

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974 users

DEX toolbar

DEX (Dicţionarul explicativ al limbii române) toolbar - caută cuvintele direct din browser!

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14 users Free Image Hosting

Addon Created for ZillaImage and for its users to upload with a single click!

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1 user

TepcoMeter for Firefox -東京電力電力供給状況表示-



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340 users Gutscheinfinder

Sichern Sie sich kräftige Rabatte beim Onlinekauf! Mit dem Gutscheinfinder werden Sie automatisch benachrichtigt, wenn Gutschein- und Rabattcodes für den aktuell aufgerufenen Shop existieren.

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1 user


Native JavaScript encryption tools. DOMCrypt provides a new global window property called "mozCipher".

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60 users

Imitate IE

Adds and removes some features to imitate Internet Explorer behaviour.

- CTRL+T homepage opening
- CTRL+K tab cloning
- F4 location bar select
- Findbar 'Highlight all' enabled on select
- Prevent dragging in the location bar

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63 users

Icono blog Cosillas de Juansal No Restart

Icono de acceso a mi blog:
Cosillas de Juansal.

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8 users - Free ImageHosting up to 10MB

Simply make a right click on a Image and select "Upload to" so thats is it..

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18 users

Miles Per Dollar Calculator

Calculate estimated price for gas for distance in miles selected on page. MPG and gas price are set in the add-on Preferences.

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5 users