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No english description because only german users are allowed to register at

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dejaSpace It !

Bookmark the current page, selected text on the page or selected Tweet to Shortened URLs are expanded to the original -- great for saving Tweets! Bookmarks are stored at where they can be shared and blogged.

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Google german sites quicksearch (mark any word, right mouse click, go)

Quickly Search for selected text (from any website!) in Google German language sites from the context menu.
Mark any word, right mouse click, go!

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Video2Mp3 No Restart

Convert and download your favorite YouTube Videos as MP3 files.

Service by in Corporation with

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Ektron Drag Drop

Ektron DMS Drag Drop handler extension.

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62 users Plugin add-on for Firefox for searching database.

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ScoobyDeal Tracker

Track deals on deal-a-day-site; get notified when new deals are posted; and get to the site with a single click.

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Surfedia Drag & Drop Bookmarks

Bookmark button for Surfedia Drag & Drop online bookmarks

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Kostenloser Plug-In zur Optimierung von Hotelbuchungen.

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Beach Life Interactive Theme No Restart

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme, the Beach Life Interactive Theme: Includes 2 beach themes, great travel sites, and beach videos.

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Bookmark Tools

This Add-on makes it possible to index bookmarks, that includes all typical properties like name, url aso. and the content of the referenced webpage. In this way search queries can browse through the content.

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MK Notifier for model-kartei

Notifier for users at the community.

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Amazonbutton DE

Direkter Zugriff auf die Website

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Amazonbutton FR

Accès direct au site

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Amazonbutton UK

Direct Access to the UK Amazonstore

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Sinhala Converter

This toolbar converts Sinhala phonetics (Singlish) to Sinhala unicode fonts based on the "Unicode Real Time Font Conversion Utility". With this add-on, users can easily search Sinhala words/phrases in Google, chat in Sinhalese, and make documents.

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mixi Quo

自分の日記にアクセスすると、「コメントを書く」エリアにmixi Quoバーが追加されます。
mixi Quoバーから好きなように名前の引用が可能になります。


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SEO Tools - Google PageRank / Alexa Rank

Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, SEO Tools.

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Koha Offline Circulation Tool

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Garitas BC

An easy way to view Baja California, Mexico International Border (Garitas) information in your status bar.

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